After the Vietnam “three bludgeoning”, Li xiaopeng apologized again: uncomfortable!Sorry to the fans and the national team

2022-04-23 0 By

China’s men’s national football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the group B round 8 match on Feb 1, Beijing time, the first time in the team’s history to lose to an opponent, two rounds ahead of the fifth consecutive World Cup.After the game, Li Xiaopeng apologized to the Chinese fans again at the press conference.The local manager lamented: “I would like to apologise first to all the fans and also to the players for the problems in the game.It was a difficult result for me personally.There was something wrong with the design of the game and the players played very hard.After the pre-match motivation, the players wanted the game so much that they finished the half in a very nervous situation.”This game, Li Xiaopeng obviously underestimated the strength of the home Vietnam men’s football team, he sent out the “4-3-3” strong attack formation, Alan, Luo Guofu two long time did not participate in the game of the domesticated forwards, starting together with Wu Lei partner.But the actual combat with the effect of 3 people is not good, Although Alan, Luo Guofu is still worth affirming, but the state is quite depressed.Half time was wei Shihao and Zhang Yuning replaced, it can be said that Li Xiaopeng also completely denied his first choice.In addition, Li Xiaopeng also has many problems in defense layout.In the match against The Japanese men’s football team, ITO Junshi also easily headed a goal, the National football team defense players collective watch.But this service, Li Xiaopeng still did not pay attention to the defensive end of the national football team, again let the Vietnamese players do the same.In addition, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Linpeng and other veteran led the national football team defense, the field is still frequent mistakes, Li Xiaopeng again trust these veteran results or ended in failure.How to improve the team’s defensive line, continue to trust the veteran in the future or boldly promote the new, these are li Xiaopeng’s 12 strong final 2 before the final, we must seriously solve the problem.