After the birth of a baby son, 48-year-old Lin Zhiling’s Japanese husband, who is 7 years younger than her, sent a New Year greeting in Chinese and shared the latest life news

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Someone once asked Lin Chi-ling, “Lin Chi-ling, who do you want to marry most?””I want to marry Huang Bo, but unfortunately, he is already married,” Lin said.An actress dares to publicly declare that she wants to marry another male artist, which shows how much courage and appreciation it takes to dare to say such a thing.As we all know, as Huang Bo gets older, his appearance becomes more and more introverted. It is almost impossible to see huang Bo’s face any more. There is still a place related to handsome.But Lin Zhiling people just admire Huang Bo.Appreciate huang Bo’s character, appreciate his soul beauty.However appreciate return to appreciate, Lin Zhiling still has to get married eventually, but Lin Zhiling marry where is not good, unluckily far marry Japan, married to a Japanese husband who is 7 years younger than her.At first, many netizens found it hard to accept.But later think, also passed.Lin Zhiling and Japanese husband married after three years of marriage has been unable to get pregnant, her personal face to the media is, repeatedly stressed that has been preparing for pregnancy.Finally, on January 31, 2022, The good news came out that Lin Zhiling had finally given birth to her son, which won praise from netizens.Congratulations to Lin Zhiling, it’s a dream come true!To know, now Lin Zhiling has been 48 years old, belongs to the real advanced maternal age, another two years, I am afraid will miss the age of childbirth.Therefore, to Lin Zhiling, giving birth at an advanced age is simply the best gift in the world. No amount of money can buy happiness.On Feb 2, Lin Chi-ling’s husband Ryohei Kurosawa made his first public appearance since the birth of their son, speaking Chinese to his fans online.”Happy New Year!Thank you all for your warm wishes and messages. Sincerely wish you all good health!And have a year full of love and hope!”Lin Zhiling husband black ze Liangping in the New Year to everyone at the same time, also revealed the details of their lives.Kurozawa Ryohei, Lin Chi-ling’s husband, said that Lin chi-ling and her son are very healthy and safe, and everything is fine at home. He will try to reduce work and spend more time with his wife and son.Seeing that Lin Chi-ling is living such a happy life now, many fans have expressed their wishes and wish her better and better life in the future.Indeed, Lin Zhiling in the hearts of many netizens, not just an ordinary female entertainer so simple.Lin Zhiling’s appearance is very beautiful, once known as “Taiwan Province’s first beauty”, even small S in front of her, all need to bow three points.In China, Lin Zhiling’s fans are also quite many, almost a national treasure level beauty.In addition, Lin Zhiling is very keen on charity work. She personally donated a large number of children in poor mountainous areas. Even after she got married and suspended her work to prepare for pregnancy, she still used her savings to help people in need.Every donation, there is always Lin Chi-ling’s name.Lin Chi-ling is a native Of China, no matter where she marries, she is bound to love the motherland.Time flies, blink of an eye, the first beauty Lin Zhiling, has also been 48 years old.Now she is married and has children, truly as a mother!Can not help but let a person sigh with the passage of time.The New Year is coming again, I hope Lin Zhiling can be more happy in the New Year.What do you think of Lin Zhiling’s recent situation?