Dissolution of the Premier League?Defensively comparable to Manchester United, 10 players out of contract

2022-04-23 0 By

In addition to Newcastle united’s spectacular performance in the Premier League this season, burnley, who have been firmly in the middle of the table, have also been a disappointment.Burnley have a good record of conceding goals, and even against top rivals in the championship burnley have rarely had disastrous results – in two months in 2022, they played just four league games, but the Reds lost one (1-3 Leeds), drew with Arsenal, Manchester United and Watford,Earlier against their stronger crystal Palace and Wolverhampton Wanderers were drawn.However, with just 28 goals conceded in 20 league games, three more than the gunners, who have 10 clean sheets this season, and three fewer than European rivals West Ham and Manchester United, it is a sign of the strength of this defensive outfit.However, dyche’s side have drawn 11 games so far this season, but with only one win they are clearly relegated to the vice-premier position, but the crisis is not just about the current position, but also about the morale of the main players in the squad.Ten first-team players, led by Tarkowski, Benme and ASHLEY Barnes, are out of contract, but dyche’s answer to the question is: “Players have to do well in exchange for new deals.”If relegated, burnley could become a “supermarket” of players, most of whom will not leave for the championship and manager Dyche will be under pressure to rebuild his squad.