Guangdong Zhanjiang Traffic Police Development Zone brigade held the 2022 key work deployment meeting

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On February 9th, zhanjiang Traffic police detachment development Zone brigade held party branch enlargement meeting, party branch members, squadron leaders and special office staff attended.The meeting by the party branch secretary, captain Wu Shixin presided over, the meeting reviewed last year’s traffic safety management achievements and deficiencies, discuss this year’s road traffic management ideas, comprehensive deployment of this year’s traffic safety management work focus.At the meeting, Wu Shixin, the team leader, analyzed the situation opportunities and existing problems faced by the traffic management work of the district this year around the “reduction control” and “spring breeze sharp sword” special assessment task objectives.Work for clear thinking, clear direction, focus, peg closely work requirements, captains Wu Shixin beginning from analysis of donghai island districts facing traffic situation, how to improve the ability of traffic management and enhance the level of control the traffic management and discusses how to effectively make traffic accident prevention measures, how to improve the ability of the business,How to create a new situation assessment “, “which strove to be the first, how to promote the reform of service, and efficiency, how to pay special attention to the team management, how to do a good job of serving local economic development center and so on eight aspects work ideas, causing everyone to think deeply about and discuss, brainstorming and come up with new ideas, the foothold official duty, to attack,Advance efforts to do a good job in the area of road traffic management and promote the “reduction control”, “spring breeze sharp sword” special assessment.The meeting emphasized the requirements, to improve the political standing, unified ideological understanding, executive power to unify to the requirements of the superior public security organs;We should firmly establish the idea of “playing chess”, recognize the situation, seriously fulfill our responsibilities, ensure that the ideological consciousness is in place, the pace of action is consistent, and go all out to invest in traffic management.Pay close attention to weak points, with the concept of “assessment is the baton”, strictly in accordance with the requirements of “large reduction control” and “spring breeze sharp sword”, precise power, self-pressure and force, and make up for the weak points slowly and steadily;Focus on the target task, refine the measures, clear ideas, wall map operation, follow-up measures, problem-oriented timely carry out road safety special rectification action, orderly promote the completion of the target task;To civilized and standardized law enforcement, strengthen team management, strict, fair, standardized, rational, peaceful, civilized law enforcement, actively serve the local government economic development center work, escort the construction of large projects, take the initiative to serve the people, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of people, establish a good image of the development zone public security traffic police;To strictly manage the team, grasping the party construction to change the work style, strictly prevent micro corruption and lying cadres phenomenon, forge ahead and promising, to ensure the area of road traffic safety situation sustained, stable, good, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty congress.Photo/Wen Leipeng