It’s hard for Xiao Zhan to keep a low profile!4 months to wait for luxury bookings?Be recorded in brand history!

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There are some things in life we just can’t do about.Where there is sun, there is shadow, and where there is day, there is night.Xiao zhan himself is very low-key, the whole Spring Festival only participated in a network audio-visual annual ceremony, a chorus, a group program with the “Ace of Troops” comrade-in-arms.But the top flow is not you low-key let you low-key, it can be said that Xiao Zhan wants to low-key difficult low-key, all kinds of people, all kinds of ideas with him, in the rush to grab his flow and heat, but also in reverse a rake, is also very speechless.01 Outstanding people will be remembered, outstanding people will eventually be seen and recognized by people.With the Olympic athletes in the cast photo was stripped out, and what with Xiao Zhan himself, open the relevant hot search a piece of abuse, said Xiao Zhan rub heat, really let people laugh.Xiao zhan flow heat a riding dust, why to rub?During the Olympics, Xiao zhanfang is afraid that he just wants to have a quiet and stable year.”Point of Light” can sing the Olympic stadium, is the organizers of Xiao Zhanzheng positive energy recognition, recognition of the meaning of the song.Excellent people and excellent works can not be liked by everyone, but they are definitely recognized by most people, and even by public conscience.02 back to the topic, Xiao Zhan’s excellent and super influence, driving force, day by day, more and more people like this sunshine, aspirant, extremely charming young man.Recently, GUCCI in the whole platform of the world synchronous update xiao war of advertising, very momentum, but also got excellent feedback.In less than a day, the advertising campaign reached 30 million + views, which was achieved under the premise that The video of the studio was transferred to GUCCI’s official page without Being posted by Xiao Zhan.It can be said to be pure natural flow.It is not a short time to rely on fans to achieve this number, which shows how good xiao Zhan’s national popularity is now.03 Through the global release of CUCCI advertising, we once again see the super influence and drive of Xiao Zhan as a spokesperson.From WB’s magnificent list, we can feel the fast moving power and super purchasing power of fans. The same style of Xiao Zhan has been sold out quickly, and it takes 4-6 months to order.Give a person’s feeling as if in the wash square, was taken off Peter Pan swept away.Is this still high luxury?It’s like a supermarket rush.I have to say, Xiao zhanniubi took us to see the world.In addition, many of the brands that Xiao Zhan represents have achieved equally remarkable results.Limit by channel place, can see a spot only in the industry analysis of the course of study.For example, sumidagawa, after the official announcement of The endorsement of “Xiaozhan” in June, the sales surge even led to a surge in the market, the sales volume increased to a new record high of 76.238,000 yuan, and the current sales period is stable at more than 20 million yuan, making Sumidagawa stable in the coffee industry in the top three, opened up two new tracks of coffee liquid and lug coffee, and firmly ranked first.Therefore, the brand officially declared Xiao Zhan as the spokesperson to write into the brand history of development.It can be seen that at this time point in June, this measure has a great impact and a huge effect on the development of the brand.Can make the brand so, really feel proud and proud of Xiao Zhan.There are always some discordant voices bouncing around on the network, brushing the sense of existence.The truth is that they stand out because most people are completely different from them. They have good culture, have normal work and life, and spend their spare time on beautiful and meaningful things, rather than on people and venting dark feelings.Looking at GUCCI’s list and Sumidagawa’s sales, you can see people’s choices. Follow outstanding and positive people to gain warmth and strength, improve the quality of life, and make your own contribution to the national economy and people’s livelihood.Life in a positive and beneficial virtuous cycle, every day open your eyes mood is good.Finally, I want to say: do not forget the sun because of the shadow of life, to believe that the night will pass, the light will come.Xiao Zhan has also struggled in the endless darkness, efforts, persistence, hone, quenching, only now has the star shining, all-powerful.Things change, life is a hundred, some people live into the stars, some people live into flies.Although the mosquito flies have been flying, disturbing people’s life, but also just a mosquito fly.May each of us in our own life, even if we can’t be a star, but also be a point of light, light up our heart, let the world be filled with points of light, infinite beauty!Finally, I wish Xiao zhan as above picture, bright red, bright star way!This article by the light chat original, like long click on the thumbs-up three oh!Writing is not easy, respect each other, respect each other, life is valuable.