What kind of cigarettes do the soldiers like to smoke in the self-defense war against Vietnam?There are five items of condolence items

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“Smoke love finger, finger but cigarette to the lips, cigarette kiss lips heart but to the lung, lung thought to get the cigarette really do not know hurt yourself…”Mo yan’s description of cigarettes is a classic, but it’s not hard to see how harmful cigarettes are to people’s health.In addition to damaging the lungs, smoking can disrupt sleep, cause osteoporosis and lead to various cancers, all leading to gradual weakness and death.It is no exaggeration to say that what is breathed in is smoke and what is burned is life.Nowadays, most people advocate quitting smoking, even those who have been smoking for decades do not think smoking is beneficial.It is hard to imagine that during the war decades ago, cigarettes were a kind of medicine that saved both the body and the spirit.Countless soldiers have benefited from it, making it one of the most sought-after items on the battlefield.What makes cigarettes, so obviously harmful to the body, such an essential part of propitiation?What did the soldiers on the battlefield smoke?Where did they get their smoke?Soldiers dull and high-pressure combat life drunkily lying on the battlefield jun Mo smile, ancient battles back to a few people.Poetry has long taught us that war is far more brutal than we imagine.A soldier’s life on the front line is just two things.The first is positional warfare.Soldiers in this situation live in constant fear.The most basic requirements for ordinary people, such as clean face and well-groomed clothes, are simply beyond their reach.In battle, the enemy is approaching, the soldiers are ready, finger tips gradually grasp the long gun, it seems that they want to pass the temperature of the gun to themselves a kill the enemy’s courage and confidence.The enemy entered the range, a command, like a stream of bullets from the chamber of the gun shot out, the ear has no natural sound, only continuous gunfire and screams;Eyes can not see the natural scenery, only endless smoke and blood.After a battle, smoke rose from the position and devastation was everywhere.Then the soldiers could look about them.The faces of his comrades were blackened, their half-worn uniforms torn and covered with blood, their own and their comrades’.If they see their closest comrade-in-arms, they smile at each other, as if they are glad that they have escaped another bullet.If you find that you can’t find the familiar figure, the eyes will slowly float up disappointed and uncomfortable, pain for the death of his comrades, but also for their own future.Silently wipe away the tears, ran to his comrades in front, touch the arms of the suicide note, the paper has been stained with blood, the handwriting is blurred, but his last miss.Pack up your suicide note, clean up the battlefield, and wait for the next war…Day after day, year after year.Even in normal times, the life of a soldier can be extremely stressful.Under combat readiness, soldiers need to be on guard, patrol and drill during the day. At night, they cannot take off their uniforms and some even sleep in the open air in their positions.With mosquito bites in summer and snow in winter, life was more difficult than anyone who had not been to war could imagine.Perhaps they are the most relaxed when they take time off to chat with their comrade-in-arms and dream about the future.In addition to positional operations, there are also soldiers who are responsible for logistics, who undertake many tasks such as supplies, medical care and transportation.Never assume that such soldiers will have an easier life than they did in combat.Medical units, for example, are always ready to receive and treat wounded soldiers.They have excellent medical skills and are patient with patients.But one cannot make bricks without straw.Troops are on the front lines, supplies often don’t arrive on time, and in a major war there are so many injuries and injuries that medical staff often face the embarrassing situation of having no medicine to save.When they ran out of anesthetic, they had to make the soldiers bite the strips of cloth when they stitched up the wounds. The soldiers were often so sore that their veins burst out, their faces were terrible and they even fainted.Antibiotics were not available, and they could do nothing to stop the soldiers’ wounds from becoming infected, and in those days infection was almost the death of the enemy.As a doctor, but can not help their patients and compatriots, can only watch them die, this is what kind of torture, how cruel.In such a difficult environment, the soldiers at the front undoubtedly experienced both physical and mental torture.Relieve physical and mental pressure string, stretched too tight, will break;If you bear too much, you will go mad.It is often said that modern life is stressful and needs relaxation. The soldiers have been honed for a long time and their psychological quality is naturally more tough than ordinary people. However, the degree of environmental pressure they face is several times higher than ordinary people, so they also need to relax occasionally.Modern people can relax by traveling and drinking, but being on the front line is not suitable for soldiers.Tourism is not possible, the confrontation between the two armies, walking around is not only AWOL, but also easy to expose their position, causing their own disaster.Drinking alcohol was also forbidden. Throughout the ages, soldiers drank alcohol only on two occasions: to see them off and to take courage, and it was never allowed in battle.If you drink too much, if you delay your flight, you’ll lose tens of thousands of soldiers.With no travel, no alcohol and no gambling, what did the soldiers do for fun?That is smoking.Smoking is not a good habit nowadays, but in the context of that time, it actually saved a lot of soldiers.Why do you think that in 10 years cigarettes will be a disease that kills you?There are so many things that could kill you today.Just as the line in Lord of War says, in the battlefield where life and death are at stake, no one thinks about how much cigarettes will do to their bodies ten years later.Soldiers are addicted to cigarettes, not like today’s old smokers are addicted to cigarettes, but through cigarettes to heal the heart.The main material of cigarettes is tobacco, which contains a lot of nicotine, which can play the role of anesthesia and hemostasis, and can kill many germs such as cholera bacillus, hepatitis and pulmonary bacteria. Originally originated in America, it is a rare medicine for The Indians.Soldiers on the battlefield are always suffering from pain, and either anesthesia or hemostasis is extremely useful.In addition to the physical healing, more importantly, cigarettes bring them mental.Nicotine not only relieves pain, it lifts spirits.When the fighting was intense, the soldiers in the position were on guard almost day and night.Drowsy feeling surges up, right now take a cigarette to be able to make originally tired out person plays spirit afresh.At the same time, our country has been advocating fire since ancient times. Fire can bring soldiers a sense of security in a dim environment, and the spark generated by burning cigarettes can soothe their anxious hearts.In addition, cigarettes were one of the few things that could be seen on the front lines for soldiers living far away from home, with familiar words reminding them of home, parents, lovers…It can be said that cigarettes naturally meet the needs of soldiers to relieve pain, refresh the mind and place emotional support. Therefore, cigarettes, which seem to be “forbidden”, have become the most popular pre-war comfort products on the battlefield.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China has adhered to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in handling its foreign relations.Vietnam had just emerged from Japanese colonial rule, and its people were in chaos.Out of the idea of mutual assistance and common development, China provided selfless assistance to Vietnam in its own difficult time, helping Vietnam defeat France and the United States first and then to win the true independence.China never causes trouble, but it is not afraid of trouble, especially when it comes to territorial sovereignty.Our country was forced to defend itself, and relations were at daggers drawn.In 1979, the Sino-Vietnamese counterattack officially began, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers rushing to the battlefield.By the time the war against Vietnam began, our nation’s economic strength had already made great strides.No more than the soldiers on the anti-japanese battlefield smoking also need to be seized from the enemy, at this time cigarettes have become an inherent and stable pre-war comfort goods, and a variety of, many are specially produced for the soldiers at the front.So what are the main brands of cigarettes smoked by soldiers on the front lines?Which one do they like best?At this time, there were five brands of cigarettes, including “Prize”, “Glory”, “Triumph”, “Double Ninth” and “Jade”.The name of the brand reflects our high expectations for a successful counter-war against Vietnam.The first three brands were made specifically for the front line by The Red River Tobacco Group and were emblazoned with morale-boosting images and phrases such as the pentagram logo and “Cutest people”.With the victory of the war, these kinds of cigarettes have stopped production, disappeared in the long river of time.”Jade” is a cigarette of Yuxi, which was used as a special supply of high-grade cigarettes on the battlefield of Vietnam. Now, the old brand comes back and firmly occupies the high-end position of fragrant cigarette.There is no cigarette a soldier loves more than the Big Double Nine.Jade cigarette “Big Double nine” brand cigarette is the latest brand cigarette produced by Yunnan Tobacco company at that time, because of the use of tobacco improved technology, this cigarette taste is unique, compared with “award” brand, “glory” brand, “Triumph” brand cigarette several times better, is equal to “jade” brand cigarette.Yunnan Tobacco company will supply soldiers in the front line into the production task, side by side, which makes the original price and “jade” brand cigarette “big Double nine” become inexpensive, troops can buy in large quantities, soldiers can also buy separately after finishing smoking cigarettes.In addition, due to the priority to ensure the supply of soldiers at the front, the circulation of “Heavy Ninth” on the market is tight and extremely scarce. The already high price keeps premium, and even people with money can not buy it later, which can be called “a cigarette is hard to get”.In this case, “Double Ninth” almost became a battlefield.Letters and war have been twins since ancient times.In time of war, when there was little for a soldier to write letters to, the shell undertook the honorable task.The “Double Ninth” cigarette has a hard shell and is the best material for writing.It is only a few words written on the smoke shell, but it carries the thick feelings of the soldiers.In the counterattack against Vietnam, our army sent several divisions with more than 200,000 soldiers.The amount of tobacco consumed to keep such a large number of soldiers supplied would be horrendous, but where would that amount of tobacco come from?Initially, the main suppliers of frontline soldiers’ cigarettes were Hongyun Honghe Tobacco Group and Wenshan Tobacco Company.Hongyun Honghe Tobacco Group and Wenshan Tobacco Are both based in Yunnan.Yunnan is located in the southwest of China, the flames of war affected less, the war of Resistance against Japan is our home front.In order to grow high quality tobacco, suitable temperature, sufficient light and a lot of water are indispensable. Yunnan happens to meet all of these requirements, and has the most suitable red soil for tobacco planting. Therefore, Yunnan has always been an important tobacco production place.After the war of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Yunnan continued to improve tobacco planting technology, improve tobacco quality and output efficiency, and formed a pillar industry.In 1982, Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Company of China was established in Yunnan province, which gave priority to the supply of cigarettes to the front line and provided the troops with prices far lower than the market price, thus becoming the main tobacco supplier in the field of counterattack against Vietnam.At the time of the counter-war against Vietnam, Hongyun Honghe Tobacco Group and Wenshan Tobacco Company initially offered various brands of loose tobacco.After the Chinese tobacco company in order to provide soldiers with a better cigarette experience, the company sent staff field investigation, learned that the front line is still very short of cigarettes, more remote areas of the garrison can not receive pre-support supplies.Wenshan Tobacco company once collected 4, 000 pieces of local supply tobacco to prepare for the needs of the front, and company cadres once personally carried tens of thousands of cigarettes to the front.Honghe Tobacco Group also produces three cigarettes specially for the front line: “Award”, “Glory” and “Triumph”.In addition, during the war, many yunnan people spontaneously planted tobacco, joined the tobacco company to make cigarettes, and many people volunteered to escort tobacco to the front.People in other areas also took the initiative to donate food and contributed their share to the war at the front.Tens of millions of people formed the strongest rear line for the soldiers at the front, sending in a steady stream of condolence to help them win the war of self-defense that lasted nearly a decade.Conclusion More than 30 years have passed since the counterattack against Vietnam, tobacco is still the pillar economic industry of Yunnan.Despite its devastating physical effects, cigarettes have been a lifesaver on the battlefield.We can not forget, today’s secular stability is tens of thousands of “the most lovely people” against the double pressure of the body and mind, regardless of life and death to fight and get.The chaos is far away, but the epidemic is raging, this is a war without smoke.At present, who is fighting hard at the front?Or the “loveliest people.”They are party members, soldiers, angels in white, volunteers.Wearing protective clothing, they marched against the wind, casting a solid wall with their bodies to keep the epidemic out.They know the epidemic is coming, they know the consequences if they catch it, but they know that behind them are their families, their fellow citizens and their country.Therefore, they cannot and will not withdraw.There is no such thing as quiet time, but someone is carrying something for you.When the haze dispersed, we should cherish, should be grateful, more should return.The young is strong, the young is the national!We should strive to become stronger!