The 2022 Spring Festival Holiday will be observed

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Beijing, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency: The New Year brings a new look, with tiger and Tiger enjoying a prosperous New Year.During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday in 2022, from the snowy plateau to the shores of the East China Sea, from the white mountains and black waters to the Lingnan region, China welcomes the New Year and shows full vitality for development.On the fourth day of spring, the Beijing Winter Olympics opened as promised.It’s the Winter Olympics, and ice and snow Tours add a touch of beauty to the holiday.”Lean forward, keep your weight low, keep your feet steady, relax…”In Ningxia Yahao International Ski Resort, a tourist, Martha, under the guidance of an instructor, slides slowly down the ski slope and walks through the world of snow and ice.”Like me, many of my friends have put skiing on the Spring Festival list, so I can personally experience the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics by participating in ice and snow sports.”Martha said.Wang Changhe, general manager of Yahao International Ski Resort, said that with the winter Olympics, the ski resort continued to increase passenger flow. While strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures such as limits and reservations, the ski resort received more than 1,500 people a day during the Spring Festival, an increase of nearly 50% compared with the usual weekend.Skating and skiing over the New Year, ice and snow travel “stir up” holiday tourism market.Orders for snow and ice tourism-related goods during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger increased by more than 30 percent compared with last year’s Spring Festival, according to Data from Flying Pig.Among them, the booking volume of “post-00s” increased by more than 80% year-on-year, far outpacing other age groups.It is worth mentioning that in the top 10 cities of tourist origin, southern cities occupy seven seats.Calendar add years, spring full mountains and rivers.The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, folk customs, enjoy the spring scenery, people travel in pursuit of the flavor of the New Year.Ms. Ni, who works in Beijing, chose “reverse reunion” this year. She brought her parents from their hometown in Henan province and the family spent the Spring Festival in a b&B in the suburbs of Beijing.”There are paper-cuts and lanterns everywhere in the suburbs. You can also participate in writing antithetical couplets and bonfire night talk, and experience the original flavor of the New Year. The atmosphere is very festive and lively.”Ms. Ni said.Cherish “poetry and distance”, do not forget the “present scenery”.The 2022 Spring Festival Tourism Report released by shows that more tourists will explore new fun “at home” during the 2022 Spring Festival, with neighboring and provincial Tours becoming the main theme.Skating and skiing, hot spring, night Lantern Festival, climbing praying……The local scenic area shows a flourishing scene.Hotel b&Bs have become a new scene for people to get together.Local consumers accounted for more than 60 percent of Spring Festival hotel bookings in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, according to a report by Qunar Big Data Research Institute.Among them, Beijing local booking proportion reached nearly 80%.According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 137 million domestic tourist trips were made, which recovered to 71.5% of the same period of the Spring Festival holiday in 2019 on a comparable basis.Sales of Spring Festival couplets, red envelopes and tiger hats have increased, prepared vegetables occupy the “C” position of the New Year’s Eve dinner, smart products and imported food continue to dress up the shopping cart, and ice and snow consumption has become a hot choice for Spring Festival shopping.The “Buy, buy, buy” of the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger reflects the new characteristics of consumption in the New Year, and also becomes a vivid footnote of the New Year customs.A list of top 10 new goods for the Year of the Tiger was released by an e-commerce platform, including floor washers, chef’s prepared Lunar New Year dishes, ski suits, low-calorie snacks and tiger hats.More intelligent, healthier, more convenient, ice and snow style become the outstanding features of this year’s New Year’s shopping.When the Winter Olympics meet the Spring Festival, with ice and snow elements of consumption enthusiasm has been ignited.On Tmall, from New Year’s Eve to the fourth day of the first lunar month, sales of ski equipment increased by more than 180 percent compared with the same period last year, and sales of ice sports-related categories increased by more than 300 percent.Affected by the epidemic and other factors, more and more people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.No matter where people are, the heart of reunion has never changed, a flow of New Year goods to convey people’s thoughts and blessings to relatives and friends.The 2022 National Online Shopping Festival, which runs from the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to the seventh day of the first lunar month, has further boosted the boom of online shopping for Spring Festival goods.According to big data from several e-commerce platforms, the proportion of orders sent to other places around the Spring Festival is significantly higher than before, and the trend of buying goods across provinces is more obvious.Upgrading, quality products and services continue to dominate consumers’ shopping carts.On Tmall, sales of green appliances increased by more than 110% year-on-year from New Year’s Eve to the fourth day of the Chinese New Year.On, transaction volume of life services, local entertainment and car services increased by 287 percent, 206 percent and 148 percent year-on-year respectively.New Year’s Day without eating, the new taste of new Goods is also quietly upgraded.Imported arctic shellfish, bread crab, kiwi fruit, cherry and other fresh online shopping “sharp goods”.Sales of imported fresh fruits on Tmall rose 286 percent year on year.Popular food circle delicious crisp meat, original taste of the time-honored signature dishes……These delicacies, previously only available in specialty restaurants, are now increasingly being served on family tables during the Spring Festival by means of prepared dishes.Online sales of New Year’s Eve dinner on have increased by more than 170 percent year-on-year.Meituan’s national New Year’s Eve dinner group purchase package orders doubled compared with the same period last year.Play: “blessing” to thousands of people eat, drink and be merry, is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the whole family watch a movie, which is not only a leisure choice, but also a sense of family ceremony.During the Spring Festival, a number of films with distinctive features will be screened, such as the anti-AMERICAN and aid north Korea-themed watergate Bridge and Sniper, the animated Boonie Bears Return to Earth, Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big big Wolf, and the comedy The Killer Is Not Too Cool, providing audiences with rich visual experience.According to the State Film Administration, the box office for the 2022 Spring Festival topped 4.5 billion yuan as of midnight on Feb 5.Among them, “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” topped the box office during the Spring Festival.Gongs and drums shout bursts of applause, intangible heritage to make the countryside more beautiful.In Jiaozuo, Henan province, “playing with tigers” is an indispensable traditional art at festivals.”The folk art of ‘playing tigers’ has a history of 100 years and was included in the fourth batch of national Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2014.”Chen Ling, the inheritor of Jiaozuo Tiger Dance, said that as an entertainment in the village during the off-season, the dance movements of “playing tiger” are down-to-earth and easy to master, and villagers can join the performance team to “play”.Enjoy cultural feast and recharge your spirit.In Qufu, Shandong province, the Confucius Museum launched an exhibition themed “Confucius Celebrates Chinese New Year”.The exhibition is explained in accordance with the theme of “Happiness and Longevity kangning”, allowing the audience to watch the consumption of food and clothing of Kongfu during the New Year and feel the atmosphere of “the first house in the world”.In Liaoning, admire lantern, see intangible heritage works exhibition, particularly lively.In addition to the tiger theme, elements of the Winter Olympics have become the exhibition’s “new favorite.”In the spring, the sky is bright.Chinese astronauts have spent their first lunar New Year aboard the country’s space station.Paste the word “fu”, write Spring Festival couplets, eat dumplings…Busy not also happy “tiger”.On the third day of the lunar New Year, “Tiangong Classroom” began.Wang Yaping has created the Olympic rings in China’s space station in a scientific experiment to cheer up the athletes.The moon in the sky is thousands of miles, and the spring scenery is the same as kyushu.This holiday, more personalized consumption way, more quality New Year shopping, more cultural festival folk customs……Let the Spring Festival Golden Week as a window to highlight the resilience and potential of overseas consumption, showing a vibrant and cheerful peace scene.(Reporter Fan Xi, Yu Jiaxin, Zhou Yuan, Dai Xiaohe, Wang Yuxiao)