Warcraft TBC: egg knife 3000G, rogue player 30,000 gold to take, netizens praise this is nostalgia

2022-04-24 0 By

Net friends are in the world of warcraft server, need to cost how much gold bag egg knife?In the server where Detective is located, it is usually 150,000 gold bags for the master hand and 100,000 gold bags for the deputy. If there is no one to pack the egg knife, it is usually 50,000 gold to start the bidding. So far detective has not seen that the starting bidding price of the team will be lower than this price, but some good RP players always encounter exceptions, such as this thief player.Comes from the dragon hunting is one of the lucky players – thieves cao beautiful, he has spent the last CD with 18 describe the main hand egg knife, this once again out of the deputy egg knife, if wild group encounter this kind of situation, supposed to have a moth; some chops colonel players second-class target a graduated mentality, in a hurry, even arranged one ceiling price,Rogue players can’t take home an egg knife without spending hundreds of thousands of gold.However, the group was very united and friendly. The leader of the group directly started the bidding with 3,000 gold, but no teammate offered the top price. The rogue player first bid 20,000 gold, but found no one offered the top price.Let the thief player only spent 30,000 gold successfully bought egg knife, such a loving team, what a lucky minion!The DPS data of rogue player is very bright before he takes double egg knife, the score of WCL is all purple, I believe that his score will soar after he gets double knife, and the score will be painted orange soon.As the so-called “god helps those who help themselves”, thieves who also want egg knife had better find a harmonious and stable team just like Cao Meili, do chores and output well in the team, and make more good friends. Maybe they can also buy egg knife at a low price!The egg knife is more valuable than the ones that cost tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, because it represents the spirit of warcraft players, and represents our original intention to return to the old costume.This egg dao also became a sharp contrast with the destroyed deputy egg dao before, the destroyed deputy egg dao 50,000 gold, no one wanted it, in order to maintain the so-called “value” of the egg dao, the leader finally decided to destroy it, this kind of operation of cooking he-zeqin is really a disaster.Actually depends on “destruction” to stabilize the price of eggs knife don’t have to, because this price is not stable at all, only 4 CD, egg knife fell below 10 describe a mark, left by the ash, why egg knife so not value it is first egg knife drop rate high, the more players to see two or three eggs a week even knife, scarcity value,How expensive are these egg knives all over the street?While egg knife rogues and berserkers are discouraged in P2, few warriors and rogues are able to survive, so the demand base is very small.So in the first round of the top players after the success of egg knife, following the second wave, the third wave of egg knife is bound to usher in prices plunge, small agent think egg knife price fall after dog rod, which is to describe a 2.5 or so, double but also describe 5, this is a rational price on the market, like currently 1 Wan Jinlong ridge medal,This is the true value of an egg knife.The final question is, what do you think the price of egg knife will be?Will you pick up an egg knife with a melee when the price stabilizes?For more exciting content, check out the hundreds of game explorers