Black Sesame Intelligence announced support for Elektrobit’s AUTOSAR classic platform software

2022-04-25 0 By

Black Sesame Intelligent, a global leader in computing chips for autonomous driving, recently announced a cooperation with Elektrobit, a supplier of embedded and connected software products for the global automotive industry.EB Tresos will be used for AUTOSAR Classic Platform software development on black Sesame Intelligent autonomous driving Platform.AUTOSAR is a consortium of oems, component suppliers, semiconductor manufacturers, software service providers, tool providers and others to define standards for automotive software architecture.Among the domestic autonomous driving chip enterprises, Black Sesame Intelligent is one of the enterprises that joined AUTOSAR in the early stage.Elektrobit has been a senior member of the AUTOSAR Alliance since its inception.At present, huashan No. 2 A1000 series chips developed by Black Sesame intelligent have completed the joint adjustment of Elektrobit AUTOSAR Classic Platform, supporting Elektrobit basic software, including OS, BSW, RTE and so on.This is the first cooperation between the two parties, and the subsequent products will be applied in the field of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit to create safe, reliable, cost-saving and efficient solutions.