Currently, they are working 24 hours a day to protect nearly 15 cities

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With the recurrence of COVID-19 and frequent natural disasters, didi’s “Didi Support fleet” has been expanding.Up to now, didi has set up more than 40 support fleets under the guidance of competent authorities and local epidemic prevention departments, and has provided subsidies, epidemic prevention supplies, safety and logistics support for the fleets.Didi’s convoy shuttles from city to city. Some of them are veterans, some are new parents, and some even survived the Wenchuan earthquake.They have different identities, but the same goal: to protect their city!Wang Li, who lived through the Wenchuan earthquake, now feels she has earned every day she lives.When the epidemic was raging in Wuhan, she signed up to be a member of the Didi Community Support team on the eve of the New Year and became a “supporter”.If We say that Wang Li belongs to the people who have experienced the temper of life and have a new understanding of life.So Nanjing Didi security team driver Yang Yugang, is with the city of this homegrown passion.When He saw the medical staff who had been working continuously for 15 hours, he thought it was nothing. He only wished he could do something for the city.Wang li has the same psychological and shangrao driver Yao Zhang and Zhengzhou driver Jing Min and Ningbo Meifeng.Flash floods in Zhengzhou brought traffic to a standstill, leaving many stranded at zhengzhou East Railway Station.When a lot of people are anxious to hide into their own haven, the driver jingmin chose to conceal the family retrograde.On his way to the rescue, he recorded an explanatory video for his family.In Jiangxi, Shangrao driver Yao Zhang joined the didi support team, did not think of his wife Huang Shuizhi did not hesitate to choose to fight together with him.Their young child was left in the care of a grandmother, and the couple checked into a hotel that day.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Ningbo, Mei feng became a member of a convoy of 20 Didi drivers, all of whom drove day and night for more than 1,000 times in six days. Mei lost his voice because of his phone call.In the face of the epidemic, the strength of a single person is always insignificant, but when a group of people gather together, they can race against time to gain more possibilities.Thank you to every member of the Didi Support team, and pay tribute to the many people who have been dedicated to protecting the world!