Dongguan concentrated transfer of 8 commercial and residential land part of the cancellation of housing allotment

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Our reporter Chen Ting Zhao Yi reported in Shenzhen on March 13, dongguan Natural Resources Bureau’s official website released 8 cases of centralized transfer of commercial and residential land, which officially confirmed the rumor that “Dongguan will become a dual centralized land supply city in 2022”.The so-called “dual centralized land supply”, that is, “centralized release of transfer announcements, centralized organization of transfer activities.”The first batch of centralized land supply in Dongguan in 2022, involving daojiao and other 6 towns and streets, will be sold by centralized bidding from April 19 to April 20.In addition to the changes in the way of land supply, the above batches of land in addition to tangxia land, have cancelled the free allocation of housing requirements, but also cancelled the new house sales limit set last year, significantly reduced the bidding margin.The reporter of China Business News called and wrote to The Natural Resources Bureau of Dongguan regarding the 2022 annual centralized land supply plan. The relevant staff of the Publicity and Training Department of the Bureau said that they had received the interview letter and would forward it to the relevant departments for reply according to the procedures.As of press time, the other side did not give further response.According to the official website of Dongguan Natural Resources Bureau, the 8 listed land cases are distributed in Hengli (1 case), Daojiao (1 case), Chang ‘an (1 case), Tangxia (1 case), Changping (2 cases) and Dalingshan (2 cases).Compared with the land transfer rules in 2021, except for tangxia plot, the requirement of free allocation of residential houses is cancelled for the other 7 plots, and the housing price of the plot is no longer stipulated in the transfer conditions.This also means that the price of the relevant land will be combined with the real-time record policy in the future.The reporter noticed that among the land transferred this time, the Changan Shatou community plot (no. 2022WR003), which had been auctioned in October 2021, was re-listed and became the “double champion” with the highest total price and unit price of this batch of land.With an initial bid of $5.013 billion and a ceiling price of $5.765 billion, the land will fetch a maximum floor area of about $22,600 per square metre.Although the total starting price of the chang ‘an land is 10.5% higher than that of last year (4.537 billion yuan), it has cancelled the requirement of 10% of the construction surface of free allocated housing and parking space, and also cancelled the price limit, that is, the annual average price of the first listed sales should not be higher than 41,998 yuan/square meter (rough delivery standard).Coincident, the same as last year’s withdrawal of the name of the Tangxia Zhufo Ling community plot (no. 2022WR004) is also re-listed in this time, while cancelling the limit on housing prices, but the total auction price dropped 12% compared to last year to 2.214 billion yuan, the floor price of about 16,600 yuan/square meter, the floor price of 18,900 yuan/square meter.It is worth noting that the tangxia land parcel is dongguan this centralized transfer of land, the only one must be free of charge to build residential land.According to the notice, the landowner shall allocate 10% of the built-up area (i.e., no less than 12,477.12 square meters) of the built-up area of the dwelling on the land for free as a settlement house and the corresponding parking space for free.The built-up area of the housing shall be included in the built-up area of the lot, and the delivery standard shall not be lower than the delivery standard of residential houses of the same type (hardcover rooms) and parking Spaces of the project.At the same time, the tangxia parcel shall be allocated to the people’s Government of Tangxia Town for free an independent kindergarten covering an area of not less than 4500 square meters and a building area of not less than 4,698 square meters with a school scale of 15 classes.A bus terminal with a construction area of no less than 1200 square meters shall be provided free of charge.In addition, in addition to the cancellation of the requirements for residential housing construction in some plots, the relevant plots still need to be equipped with kindergartens, rail transit stations and supporting projects.According to the notice, lot 2022WR008 (located in Dalingshan) covers an area of about 42,000 square meters with the highest plot ratio of 3.5, with a starting price of 2.591 billion yuan and a ceiling price of 2.927 billion yuan.The winning bidder shall build a kindergarten with an area of no less than 5,240 square meters and a building area of no less than 4,165 square meters, with a school size of 12 classes (independently occupied).The parcel no. 2022WR007 (located in Changping), with a land area of 44,700 square meters, is also required to be built for free.Among them, homestead property rights for 70 years, commercial service land for 40 years.The initial price of land is 1.98 billion yuan, and the maximum price is 2.277 billion yuan.Plot no. 2022WR005 (located in Changping) shall be equipped with dongguan East Station and supporting works of Dongguan Rail transit Line 3, with an investment scale of about 403 million yuan.Prohibit “vest” to participate in the reporter noted that, compared with the previous rules, the dongguan centralized listing of 8 land is still in use “maximum price + final offer” way of selling, using the “final offer” form to determine the final bidder.In addition, the bidding conditions are still on the development qualification requirements, and prohibit “vest” to participate.To be specific, the applicant must have the temporary or above real estate development qualification, and the qualification certificate should be within the validity period;The same applicant and the enterprise of the same group shall not bid for the same residential land (including commercial and residential land) at the same time (including joint bidding).Among them, the same group member enterprise, it refers to the correlation relationship between the bidding enterprises registration, including but not limited to group the subordinate unit at all levels (including a wholly-owned company, holding company, joint-stock company), the use of a registered trademark or make unified brand management in enterprise group company at all levels, unified management by the superior company at all levels of the company.In early June 2021, dongguan city bureau of natural resources, housing and urban and rural construction bureau in dongguan, dongguan city human resources and social security bureau and other seven departments jointly issued the notification regarding the normative land call auction, bidding qualification “(trial) (hereinafter referred to as the” “notice”) regulation, enterprise established before participate in soil on temporary “ma3 jia3” company will not have qualification.According to the circular, starting from June 10, 2021, bidders who have reached the “final offer” for commercial and residential land in Dongguan must meet the “paid-in capital” requirement greater than “0”.The number of employees paying social security in the previous year must be greater than “0”;Continuous tax returns must be more than one year, and the total amount of tax paid must be greater than “0” and meet other qualification requirements stipulated in the listing transfer document.In addition, the Circular also added a list publicity stage, namely, after the completion of the “final offer” stage, the list of the successful bidders and the next four valid “final offer” bidders will be released.If there is any doubt about the bidding qualification of the selected bidder determined through the “final offer”, the complainant should also be the bidder of the commercial and residential land.In fact, since June 2019, dongguan land auction implementation of the “maximum price + final offer” rule, real estate enterprises to fight the number of “sock puppet” to increase the probability of acquiring land is common.The reason is that under this rule, land is no longer “awarded to the highest bidder”, but to the bidder who is closest to the average of all final offers.Therefore, housing enterprises themselves set of “vest”, the more close to the average price of the bid, the greater the winning rate.For example, on April 28, 2021, the first house of 2021 sold by Dongguan is located in 2021WR009, an urban plot. After 67 rounds of quotation from 12 enterprises, the final winner is Dongguan Biying Real Estate Development Co., LTD.According to the industrial and commercial information, the company was registered on April 9, 2021.At this point, the first batch of concentrated land supply in Dongguan in 2022 began with the cancellation of new house sales price limit and the prohibition of “sock puppet” land auction policies and rules.According to the sale announcement, the bidding for hengli, Daojiao, Chang ‘an and Tangxia blocks will be closed at 9:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00 on April 19 respectively.Bidding for 4 lots in Changping and Dalingshan will close at 9, 11, 14 and 16 on April 20, respectively.(Edited by Zhao Yi and proofread by Zhai Jun)