“Fast solution blockchain” 2022.02.07 coin circle internal reference

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The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger passed unconsciously, during which the mascot Bing Dwen dwen became popular, the men’s football team fell to the bottom, the women’s football team won the Asian Cup, Su Yiming veneer picked the silver medal to create history, everything is just the tip of the iceberg on the earth.For our tip of the iceberg, the whole Chinese New Year was also worth celebrating, as Bitcoin rebounded from 33,000 to 43,000 in two weeks, up 30%, and Ethereum from 2150 to 3100, up nearly 50%, leading the crypto market back to the $2 trillion mark.Now weekly have stabilized, and the distance from the federal reserve to raise interest rates in March, the window is still far away, so the space up still exist, but two weeks rise quickly accumulated a large number of profit dish, short-term into the incremental capital will be in 43000 at the top of the pressure of repeated in hand, for us, as long as you want to see COINS and etheric fang relationship between supply and demand,It can be fully recognized that these two cryptocurrencies will climb up one step at a time in the future, so the overall long-term holding is mainly, there is no more to say, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will still enjoy the dividend of The Times in the next few years.The U.S. Senate will hold a digital assets hearing on Risk, Regulation, and Innovation on February 9 at 23:00 (Beijing time), with the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), The Head of the Explosion, and Wharton Business School professor Kevin, among others.This meeting is estimated to have no great impact on the market. The small series would like to focus on the afthead. His unlimited scenery under the Biden administration is conducive to his public chain SOL and exchange token FTT to be continued attention, so it can be used as one of the assets we track in the long term.OpenSea is # 1 in the NFT market with over $20 billion in transaction value, and # 2 LooksRare is growing very fast and is expected to overtake OpenSea in the next month or two.The NFT market is still booming, and investors who participate in the NFT market will gradually recognize the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum over time, which may bring incremental capital to our coin-sphere.The Dutch “Bitcoin family”, who have been travelling the world for the past five years, decided to settle down in Portugal on the basis that the country treats crypto assets as a form of payment and does not have to pay any taxes to convert legal tender, giving crypto the same status as legal tender in Portugal.As more and more countries support cryptocurrencies in this way in the future, demand will continue to outstrip supply.Panic 45, currency up 30%, still panic atmosphere, good.Bitcoin news: Bitcoin: can obviously feel that there is a large number of incremental capital admission during the Chinese New Year, we see from the disk, volatility has increased significantly, and the volume continues to climb, the chain data, short-term holders have increased significantly, the number of bitcoin holding addresses has grown rapidly, these demands to bitcoin rise.Afternoon in 43600 near the pressure is not small, is expected to time for space, that is, the shock of the way to adjust the sideways, the future 50000 near will become the first target of this round of rebound.Ethereum: these two days the destruction volume decreased significantly, only 6000 in the past 24 hours, and the previous decrease by half, indicating that the NFT market has a short-term flame out signs, later adjustment will be transmitted to the NFT market, at this time do not go after the NFT is the best policy, for Ethereum, the overall will continue to link the pie.XRP: Before March, there will be an airdrop to the currency holders, which is also the logic of today’s rise. In the short term, it is very difficult to rebound after falling.FLOW: The trading volume of the NFT market exceeded $900 million, which is hardly comparable to that of the top public qiao market, but it is still a small achievement. Recently, the volume at the bottom has been obvious, and there is room for the market to continue to rebound.SHIB: Orca already controls more than a quarter of SHIB’s total stock. Orca must have its own logic to continue to increase its stock. In addition, SHIB plans to launch its own two-tier expansion network, which will become the “own traffic” Ethereum L2.ADA: The number of holders of LW-Loowada tokens increased by 1,000% in January, again benefiting from his first DEX.Short – term did not see significant strength, linkage.AXS: The founders have changed the reward structure, reducing the supply of SLPS in the game by 56%, and will add skin and body upgrades and AXS and SLP destruction in the future.The logic of today’s rise is mainly in this, but this game is not as it once was, stage a comeback is very difficult, rebound should be the opportunity to reduce positions.Contract market short sentiment is not reduced, this is the basis for the future to continue to rebound, hold the main good.I wish you all a happy New Year.