Mourinho has vowed to take Zaniolo to the top, even if it is against the world

2022-04-25 0 By

Jose mourinho is likely to keep the roma captain’s armband strapped to the back of his arm as he sits on the bench for the coppa Italia clash with inter milan.The message was clear: the last game was a very good one and mourinho was very happy with it. Let’s play this game, ban or not.We all know how well Zaniolo played last time, after all, only the unconscious-minded black italians would think that the world wave was a bad one.Let’s just say we were blinded by Mourinho’s handsome face, but didn’t Italy manager Gianluca Vialli understand the ball?(Vialli immediately called to confirm the 22-year-old’s performance after zaniolo was sent off.) Mancini wanted to cheer for zaggio’s amazing performance, but because of his position, he insisted “Good shot!”I looked back in my throat.Some “senior” fans have countered with the suggestion that “mourinho has finally suffered the loss of not attacking”, suggesting that roma can only keep scoring four or five goals a game to avoid the current situation.If you look at bayern Munich and Liverpool, for example, klopp and Nagelsmann don’t have the same attitude (4 or 5 goals per game).What’s more, the young wolves in roma’s front line are still in their juvenile form, and it’s impossible to compare them to veteran players like Salah and Lewan.Most infuriating of all was the comments of Italy’s women’s football coach Bertolini, who went on to express her dissatisfaction with Zaniolo on Italia 2.(Not mature enough, not handsome enough, not sexy enough.)”The referees on duty did exactly the right thing,” ms Bay said. “Zaniolo is a rude, ill-bred kid and they have to play their part to help this kid who is on the edge of the abyss.”Look, this is actually the Italian women’s football coach said out of the remarks, sufficient to see the Italian football has declined to what point, black things can be said as white.When you think about it, mourinho is the most pathetic person who has been so dedicated to bringing talent to Italian football that this is the end result.After the match between Roma and Genoa, a number of local fans spontaneously organized protests in front of the Italian football Association, and even put up banners, according to La Corriere.The effect, we all understand!To be honest, even if inter were to give mourinho the benefit of the doubt, roma would not have much of a chance to win.That said, the only thing to watch in Rome will be to see what mourinho does with zaniolo, what he does with Abraham and what he does with asamoah gyan.In short, even against the world, Mourinho will have to keep training mancini/Southgate/Santos tonight.