Successive “god substitutions” win Asian Cup!Please allow us to guide Shui Qingxia say: thank you!

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More than 20 days ago, on January 11, The Chinese women’s football team announced its 23-player roster for the 2022 Women’s Asia Cup.Almost immediately, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) had an interview with Chinese women’s football coach Shui Qingxia and said, “Having won the Asian Cup five times in 11 years, she is the first golden generation player to become the head coach of the national team. She knows how to win the Asian Women’s Cup better than anyone else.”At that time, no one could have imagined that the first female “native coach” in the history of Chinese women’s senior football team would lead the girls step by step to lift the Asian Cup for the ninth time.Especially since entering the knockout stage, The Chinese women’s football team has faced the disadvantage of conceding the first goal in three consecutive games against Vietnam, Japan and South Korea.But under the dispatch of Shui Qingxia, the women’s soccer girl did not crash, but against the trend and three consecutive reversals strong enemy!In fact, at this special moment when The Chinese women’s football team reaches its peak again, it is not hard to find that Shui Qingxia not only knows how to win the Asian Women’s Football Cup better than anyone else, but also knows more about The Chinese women’s football team.Shui Qingxia CFP chart Shui Qingxia is 56 years old this year.When she first got into sports at the age of 11 in 1977, she was actually an athlete in track and field, with major events including the long jump and pentathlon.Shui qingxia was already 17 when her coach recommended her for the women’s team in 1983.That’s an advanced age for any sport.Many years later, When Shui Qingxia recalled this “accident”, her face was still full of incredible.She even told reporters that she thought, “How can I play football?Girls playing football, it’s horrible.”She did not expect that the first women’s soccer team in Shanghai and the Chinese women’s soccer team would become her main theme for most of her life.Shui qingxia later recalled, “In fact, my thoughts were relatively simple.If you play, then play.”But the reality is that, at 17, she needs to start bouncing the ball.Fortunately, she was also a little surprised to discover that she really has a bit of talent in the field.Shortly after her career change, Shui qingxia stood out from more than 100 people and went straight to the first team of Shanghai women’s football team.From ball tossing to dribbling to tactics, only one year later, Shui Qingxia’s name appeared in the Chinese women’s national team.Now mention of Shui Qingxia, often the first title is “China’s first batch of world famous women’s football players”.Along with Sun Wen, Liu Ailing, Wen Lirong and Sun Qingmei, who won a silver medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Shui was one of the first members of the women’s soccer team to go abroad.In the 1990s, Shui qingxia made two trips to Japan to play football.In 1992, at the age of 26, She went to Play football for Japanese club Prima and became the main force of the team.In February of the following year, she suffered a severe fracture in a teaching competition against the men’s team and returned to China.At that time, doctors performed a steel nail fixation surgery for her.Five months later, she appeared on the training ground of Shanghai Women’s football team, and in September of the same year, she represented Shanghai Women’s football team at the 7th National Games held in Beijing.He was so busy that the steel nail in his leg was not removed until seven years later.In 1998, shui qingxia went to Japan again to play for Suzuki Shimizu Team.She scored a total of 11 goals in the league that year, ranking among the top 10 scorers in the league.Studious, understand the team also attaches importance to science and technology in the player era, Shui Qingxia’s “trick” is the set piece.In 2001, at the age of 35, she also scored a free kick “World Wave” in the final of the last National Games before her retirement, helping The Shanghai Women’s Football Team win the national Games for the second time.It’s something she’s been practicing on her own.After retiring as a coach, Shui Qingxia recalled that set-piece was once a weakness that made her very guilty.”Our defenders were good at heading the ball, but every time I took a corner, I couldn’t hit the spot.I feel embarrassed and guilty.”After her retirement as a coach, Shui Qingxia paid special attention to the psychological adjustment of her team members in addition to being very studious in technical and tactical theory.In her early days as a coach, Shui qingxia was known for her toughness, but later she began to change.”It would have been better to have been a little more encouraging, a little more assertive, a little less assertive…”Shuiqingxia once bare his heart to reporters, “MY own idea is also very simple, just want to let the players know what they need, but the players may not understand.”After working as a coach for more than 20 years, Shui Qingxia will also say: “Nowadays, the players born in the 1990s or 2000s are very different from those born in the 1960s and 1970s.”In her view, the players of her generation were relatively simple and knew right from wrong;Now children may be more “fragile” some, “girls are also more sensitive, may be a word, a tone, will produce some ideas.”It is not only thinking that keeps pace with The Times, but also the combination of high technology and data, which is common in football training, that Shui Qingxia uses with ease.Before becoming the head coach of the Chinese women’s football team, she hired the physical fitness coach of Shanghai Harbour to help.Next year, Shui Qingxia will celebrate her 40th anniversary of playing football.Winning the Asian Cup is like a gift delivered in advance, and the women’s football girls led by Shui Qingxia have a promising future.Upstream news reporter Qiu Jinyi