The South Korean team was slapped in the face for making fun of the food in the Olympic Village

2022-04-25 0 By

While the Beijing Winter Olympics are well underway, the South Korean team has recently stirred up controversy in the media.South Korean athletes said the food at the Beijing Winter Olympics was horrible and difficult to eat, but after making fun of the food in the Olympic Village, a Japanese athlete said that south Korean athletes pack a lot of food every day, and this kind of secret packing behavior seriously affected other athletes’ meals.The South Korean team did not respond to the Japanese players’ criticism, but it can be seen that they are in a very awkward position and cannot refute their actions after being hit in the face.Had a lot of attention to the south Korean friends know to South Korea fruit variety is very expensive, and meat food prices are high, so the south Korean sports delegation on a trip to Beijing Olympics after crazy to eat the fruit of the games village and steak, but even so, they told local media said the games village food so bad,It is even thought that the cooks in Beijing’s Winter Olympic Village can’t cook.To this accusation, many Chinese netizens can’t agree with nature, and pointed out that South Korea’s food problems, Chinese netizens said the south Korean food is very terrible, they like to eat pickles, like to drink soya bean soup, and those in the Chinese diet is not approved, and the levels of a food and appearance is not outstanding,Therefore, the specialty food is not qualified to be served in the winter Olympic Village restaurant.Should have thought about the games village diet related problems can be to the end, but it happens, Japan’s report of South Korea’s packaging behavior, say South Korea players secretly packaging, affected Japan’s meals, athletes will most of the food packaging back to the dormitory, the Japanese players have no way to eat, this makes Japan’s very discontent,In the restaurant of the Winter Olympic Village, everyone is eating normally, but the Korean team is crazy about a certain food, so it will break the balance of the meal, and it is also very unfair to the athletes of other countries.South Korean media failed to respond to the Japanese athletes’ criticism, while the South Korean team was also hit with comments that they were secretly packing up their food for the Winter Olympics.Hopefully, however, the South Korean team will face up to their actions and not make any comments on the infrastructure of the Beijing Winter Olympics, otherwise they might get slapped in the face again.