The peak of Spring Festival is coming!Yueqing police to recruit, let you queue less, less errands!

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With the approaching of the Spring Festival yueqing police station household registration window ushered in the busiest time of the year to queue less, less errands?Here, xiaobian has sorted out the most down-to-earth strategy to help you handle the certificate fast one step!The ID card that 01 just did lost on the net do!The id card that just did lost how to do?Don’t worry as long as you are a resident of Wenzhou city and have applied for an ID card within 2 years, you can apply for the lost ID card replacement business online through “Wenzhou Police Online” wechat mini program.Id card replacement can bring on WeChat public “wenzhou public security” search “wen jing online 2.0” will be able to use the temporary resident identity card through the city after the ethnic masses in dealing with their resident identity CARDS, need to deal with temporary resident identity card, the domicile without limit, can be in our province to handle the resident identity card in police station site acceptance, on the spot, instant.Tips: When taking id photo, you should wear dark clothes. You should not wear jewelry, contact lenses or heavy makeup, which will lead to the failure of id photo examination.02 Household registration business nearby!”I’m working in Lucheng. Do I have to go back to Yueqing specifically to apply for my child’s hukou?”Xiaobian tells you:Any household registration window of wenzhou police station within the city can accept the household registration business of the city without distinction, that is to say,You to the one in the city to the nearest police station can deal with cross-regional household business across the region can be dealt with in the business of basic covers the high frequency of daily household registration matters in particular declaration of birth, temporary card business greatly save the common people’s time and energy in 03 long triangle area initial claims for resident identity card domain to do!Yangtze river delta area (Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui) residents work, study and life in different places need to be dealt with for the first time the resident identity card can be in any public security organs resident identity card to the nearest point of the acceptance of the can discharge the suffering of long distance travel back and forth to license, can choose to accept the window to get or post get is dealt with explain what people can apply for a,?Residents of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui applying for resident identity cards for the first time.Two, where can accept?Public security organs in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui can accept the id card business Windows.What materials should I take with me?(1) The applicant who has reached the age of 16 shall submit his/her “Household Register” and one of the certification materials for lawful and stable employment, schooling and residence.(2) The guardian under the age of 16 shall provide the applicant’s Household Register and one of the certification materials of lawful and stable employment, schooling or residence.The guardian should also provide his/her resident id card and household register (if he/she has not registered his/her family relationship with the applicant, he/she should submit the applicant’s birth certificate, medical certificate and other documents proving his/her guardianship).03 Yangtze River Delta area newborn household interprovincial (city) do!Now, the long triangle area residents may apply for the newborn as in public security organs of actually lived no longer need to commute between actual residence and household implements “to deal with, online transfer” method in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui full domain was born and made “the medical certificate of birth”, one or both parents to four residents,With father or their mother in the Yangtze river delta area family indoor declare birth registration of newborns, his father (mother) can be in actually lived to the public security organs across the province (city) the newborn as application, accord with both parents for such as national, born within marriage deal with conditions, can be signed “the Yangtze river delta provinces (municipalities) neonatal enter a letter of commitment”,Keep the mailing information and contact information and submit the original application materials, mainly including: the resident identity cards of the parents of the newborn;The household Register of the father and mother of the newborn;New father or mother “marriage Certificate”;Newborn medical Certificate of Birth and other relevant certification materials.04 high frequency household administration business cross province do!Change job, household registration also want to move!Can the road of mountain gao of original household land is far, how to do?Don’t be alarmed!The Ministry of Public Security has launched the hukou migration and census register class certificates such as high-frequency household business “across the province to do” applicable matters and application scenario for registered permanent residence migration: registered permanent residence migration from other provinces into apply matters transferred hukou migration, graduated from colleges admit students registered permanent residence migration, college students account migration, husband and wife trust account migration, parents with children registered permanent residence migration and other five issues.If the registered permanent residence is moved to another province, all the projects can be moved out as long as the other province permits and checks and verifies the information of the permit through “Cross-region Registered permanent residence Transfer Information Inquiry”.Issuing household registration certificate: if a resident works, goes to school or lives in another province and cannot obtain a household registration book due to family conflicts, the applicant may apply for issuing household registration certificate in another place.Conduction method: applicants need to apply to the acceptance to the public security organ police station, meet to accept the conditions, acceptance to the public security organ police station one-stop completed by means of internal coordination to deal with registered permanent residence migration and the proof of census register class, for personal reasons such as the applicant does not wish to choose “across the province to do” service, accept to the public security organ police station will still according to the provisions of the business.Add: Yueqing city household registration window contact information Spring Festival card less queuing, less legwork before you can consult the window contact phone hurriedly collect + forward, let more people know!Review | Lu Cong edit | Chen Mei content provides basic 丨 brigade