Weekly marketing communication of China Mobile: involving assistance for the Olympic Games, epidemic prevention, communication support, marketing of the Spring Festival, etc

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This week, the operator Caijing.com reported the market communication situation of China Mobile in a week, which mainly involved helping the Winter Olympics, launching relevant preferential packages, epidemic prevention and control, communication guarantee, etc.Attached main article: China Mobile “Ice and Snow Boy” blockbuster online with love to help China’s ice and snow dreamOn January 25, when the 2022 ice and snow Feast enters the countdown for 10 days, China Mobile launched the movie “Ice and Snow Youth”. The China Mobile 5G ice and snow team composed of Gu Ayling, Xu Mengtao, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong and Ren Ziwei declared to the world with high spirits that “our time has come”.And issued a “move” to help China’s ice and snow, with 5G speed to go to the ice and snow appointment.”In extremely good fortune” seminar online studio China mobile Migu set up new article abstract: benchmarking 5 g online studio, on January 25, under the guidance of culture and tourism industry development, the Beijing Opera academy of China mobile Migu company hand in hand to build open in drama “in extremely good fortune” seminar and 2022 online studio “in extremely good fortune” launching ceremony held in Beijing.Jin Yong makes a comeback!Abstract: In order to enrich the list of New Year movies for Residents in Shanghai, 5G FUN Cinema of Shanghai Mobile will jointly launch the release of Jin Yong’s martial arts film “Lean On Heaven and Kill The Dragon” during the Spring Festival, and the audience will go to the river’s lake for 29 years.Abstract: National Alpine Skiing Center, also known as “snow flying Yan”, is a new venue for alpine skiing events of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.As one of the operators providing infrastructure and communication services for the Beijing Winter Olympic Venues, China Mobile Beijing (Beijing Mobile for short) started its network planning and construction work from the beginning of the venue construction in 2018.With the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher, stronger” to do a good job in network security, to provide the best communication network security and characteristic business services for this complex venue.Move fast!Abstract: At the beginning of the New Year of 2022, clusters of epidemic cases have appeared in Beijing, which is facing the risk of community transmission, and the epidemic situation is grim and complex.China Mobile Beijing (BCM) also sounded the rallying call to mobilize and take swift action to help win the battle against the epidemic.8K ultra high definition see ice and snow pageant!Abstract: At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Beijing Mobile announced that the IPTV 8K ultra HD live broadcasting service jointly launched by Beijing New Media Group officially opened.It is understood that this is the country’s first broadband TV support 8K broadcast project, users can enjoy 8K ultra HD live, on-demand audio-visual experience at home.New Year for new machine to Shanghai mobile phone + package + good network in one step!Abstract: The Great action of Benefiting the people of Shanghai Mobile is continuing to be carried out. Now, if you participate in the credit purchase of 5G mobile phones, you can get a discount of 331-8000 yuan, and you can also enjoy the service of exchanging old phones for new ones and breaking screens.New Year atmosphere pull full!Abstract: As the leading communication service provider of Magic, Shanghai Mobile will prepare what kind of brand welfare for you this year?It is understood that during the Spring Festival to Shanghai Mobile major business offices for business, not only harvest New Year blessings, there are real gifts.”Moving” helps China snow and ice!Shanghai Mobile full Gigabit take you to enjoy the full range of ice and snow festivalAs the 2022 Beijing Olympics official rights holding broadcaster, China’s official partner of the ice and snow, China mobile Migu have also been prepared by boutique user-generated content, luxurious explanation day group, 5 g black science and technology play a series of “combination”, splendid China snow story, more will take the advantage of “technology + content”, build “universe” $5 g of ice and snow.Shanghai Mobile recently launched a series of “ice and snow products” to help Residents enjoy sports events, benefits and applications in winter.Abstract: In order to restore the unblocked communication in the fault area as soon as possible, China Mobile Hubei company quickly started the emergency safeguard work, as of 12 o ‘clock on the 24th, the total number of dispatched emergency repair personnel 245 person-times, emergency repair vehicles 180 times, oil machine 514, to ensure the safe operation of the province’s mobile network.Abstract: China Mobile Hubei company immediately responded to the establishment of provinces and counties “on-site repair + remote duty + expert support” three-level guarantee mechanism, to carry out communications guarantee work.Up to now, Hubei Mobile has dispatched 647 support personnel, 1057 oil tanker units and 478 vehicle units in total. It has robbed 1,592 power outage base stations, 628 service base stations, and restored 26 damaged optical cables. The network runs smoothly.Abstract: Digital village is the strategic direction of rural revitalization, and also an important part of the construction of digital China.Recently, the reporter learned from China Mobile Hubei Company, in order to fully assist the landing of the national strategy, mobile “safe village” project has covered 17,000 administrative villages in the province, weaving up a let home peace of mind, let the government rest assured of the digital safety network.Abstract: It is understood that in 2022, Hubei Mobile will continue to implement the “digital rural revitalization plan”, to create high-quality 5G network, continue to improve the quality of rural network, for the modernization of agriculture and rural intelligent empowerment, to contribute to the overall revitalization of rural forces.Travel to the ice and snow with 5G speed — Guangxi Mobile Series benefits to help China’s ice and snow dreamOn January 25th, 10 days before the 2022 ice and snow feast, China Mobile launched the movie “Ice and Snow Boy”, announcing to the world with high spirits that “our time has come” and sending out a warm invitation to “move” to help China’s ice and snow, and to go to the ice and snow date with 5G speed.In order to accompany the audience in Guangxi to share the fighting time of China’s ice and snow athletes, Guangxi Mobile has launched a series of value-added benefits to let more users enjoy watching the ice and snow games on Migu video and broadband TV and cheer for the ice and snow athletes.