2 students admitted to Aviation University, selected as guangdong Civilized Campus, Guangzhou No.1 Middle School annual inventory full of dry goods

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At the end of the year, look back and reflect.In the year of 2021, Zengcheng Middle School in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province has achieved a series of achievements and development with the joint efforts of all the students.Stay true to your original aspiration, learn and think.Start with the end and move forward with energy.Event of the Year, taking you back to Zengcheng High School in 2021.Zengcheng Middle School has been selected as one of 33 schools in Guangzhou in the application for 2021-2023 “Advanced School of Civilized Campus” organized by the Provincial Civilization Office and the Provincial Education Department.With the efforts of all the staff, Zengcheng Middle School will continue to spare no effort to promote the creation of advanced experience, drive more schools to make contributions to improve the overall level of education in the district.In addition, Zengcheng Middle School was once again awarded the 2021 Advanced Group in Education of Zengcheng District.In the enrollment of air Force recruiting colleges and military inspection colleges in the 2021 national College Entrance Examination, Zengcheng Middle School, as the “Air Force recruiting high quality student source middle school”, has received a lot of good news. Chen Jingxi and Zhang Zile were admitted by Air Force Aviation University.It is reported that a total of 17 high school graduates in Guangzhou were admitted to the PLA Air Force last year. Zengcheng Middle School is one of only two schools in Guangzhou that admitted two air force pilots at the same time.Another student was admitted to the Army Special Operations College, and several others were admitted to the People’s Public Security University of China, The People’s Police University of China and Guangdong Police College.In order to promote the reform of classroom teaching, the development of teacher education and the professional development of teachers of the two schools, Zengcheng Middle School and South China Normal University signed the “South China Normal Universal-Primary and Secondary School” Cooperation and Development Alliance agreement on December 1, 2021, and reached a consensus on the construction of classroom teaching research base and teacher education practice base.At the same time, South China Normal University awarded Zengcheng Middle School as “ScNU Outstanding Teacher Collaborative Training Base”.According to the relevant agreement of syNERgiac, SCNU will regularly organize some teachers of Zengcheng Middle School to attend college entrance examination preparation seminars, classroom teaching activities, lectures by well-known experts every year, and hire excellent teachers as part-time tutors.In addition, Zengcheng Middle School will receive internships from SCNU undergraduates and postgraduates to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two schools.