Guangxi Debao county found a nucleic acid test positive person!Please report immediately to the relevant staff of Yong

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Today (5 February), the Headquarters of the LEADING Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Debao County, Guangxi Province, reported that on 4 February 2022, a person who tested positive for novel coronavirus nucleic acid in the returning person was found in Debao County.The positive patient has been isolated for treatment.Debao county immediately launched an emergency response, and immediately organized an epidemiological investigation, screening of close contacts and sub-close contacts, nucleic acid sampling and testing, regional control and isolation control and other emergency response work.The circular urged the public to further raise awareness of prevention, resolutely obey control, do a good job of personal protection, wear masks in a scientific way, guard against crowds, maintain social distancing, actively cooperate with emergency response work, and do not believe or spread rumors.Follow-up information will be released to the public in a timely manner.In this regard, Nanning CDC urgent reminder: take the initiative to report information to implement prevention and control measures since 1.1 27 (including) baise City Debao County, Tianyang district history of travel to (return) yong staff, since January 27 had contact from Debao County, Tianyang district to the staff;2. Persons who travel with confirmed COVID-19 cases or asymptomatic infected persons or have overlapped in their movements;3. People with “red” or “yellow” health code;4. Close contacts who have received phone calls or information from CDC and other epidemic prevention and control departments;5. In the past 14 days in high-risk areas or high-risk areas in the county (city, district) or the streets of the municipality, or have a history of local epidemic occurred in the district city or urban areas of the municipality to (return) yong;Please report to your community (village, village) and unit as soon as possible, and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, medical observation or health monitoring and other epidemic prevention and control measures.On the morning of February 5, the Guangxi Health Commission learned that five asymptomatic cases had been imported from abroad in Guangxi on February 4.Nine imported cases were cured and discharged from hospital.There were no new locally confirmed cases in Guangxi from 0 to 24 o ‘clock on February 4.There is one confirmed case and one asymptomatic case in China.Five asymptomatic infected persons imported from abroad were reported Tuesday.Nine confirmed cases imported from abroad were cured and discharged from hospital, and two asymptomatic cases imported from abroad were released from medical observation.There were 130 confirmed cases and 164 asymptomatic cases imported from abroad.Thirty-six people had new close contacts and one person was released from medical observation, bringing the total number of close contacts to 168.A total of 716 confirmed cases have been reported in The region, including 583 cured and discharged from hospital, and two deaths. A total of 131 confirmed cases are under treatment.No new local confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infected persons were reported in Nanning from 0 to 24:00 on February 4.1 new close contact under medical observation.As of 24:00 On February 4, a total of 56 local confirmed cases had been reported in The city, and 56 had been cured and discharged from hospital.There are 28 close contacts under medical observation.Source | nanning evening news · nanning treasure clients, debao county, media center, nanning CDC edit | Yao Jiaxing product | LiangQing zone melting media center