Let the spirit of sports blossom in the hearts of every ordinary person

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Pay attention to daily hot Select incisive point 1, let the flower of sports spirit in the heart of every ordinary people when New Zealand girl sinnott, successful completion of a complete set of high difficulty action, for women’s snowboarding slope obstacle skills final end, waiting for the American girl marino and Australia star Cody ran into the field and tackled sinnott, to the ground.Then, the other contestants piled on and hugged each other in celebration…This is the Beijing Winter Olympic Games since the opening of countless people quite moved scene.Comments: We can feel the real and moving sportsmanship — love and gratitude for the sport, the desire and courage to strive for excellence, respect and fulfillment for opponents, all of which can be done without MEDALS and honors.They bring sports lovers around the world together, across nations and races, to share a moment of glory for all.We look forward to the “Double Olympics” to bring forth the most beautiful flower of sportsmanship and blossom in the hearts of every ordinary Chinese.(Liu Yingyu | workers daily) 2, let NianWeiEr forever in the innovation of Shanghai museum with jin magnetic state kiln tiger shape porcelain pillow as design elements, to develop the year of the tiger “suisui peace” canvas bags, tiger ching wen gen products such as tapestry;Relying on its collection of cultural relics, Anhui Museum has launched New Year’s cultural creations such as the year of the Tiger creative folding red envelopes and dragon and tiger pattern drum sets…These unique “cultural creations for the New Year” depict modern colors on traditional background and express modern expressions in traditional context, which not only add extra points to life, but also add luster to the festival.Comments: “How to spend the Spring Festival” vary from person to person, but must not warm the heart of the New Year flavor, can not leave the refreshing cultural atmosphere.Remembering, creating and delivering the flavor of the New Year is a rite of life that people enjoy. It also reflects the valuable attempt of cultural innovation in different times.People’s Daily) (ShengYuLei | 3, unfavorable apply rules of competitive sports to campus sports evaluation in our country from the national level, the sports included in the examination, and gradually improve the mid-term exam sports scores.At present, it seems that most of the sports scores of the middle school entrance examination in various places take the usual results + unified sports test way, and because the school to the students of the usual score are almost the same, some places think, to improve the unified test score value (proportion) and difficulty to strengthen the attention of students to the sports test.Comments: it is not suitable to apply the rules of competitive sports to campus sports evaluation.The purpose of competitive sports is different from that of campus sports. Competitive sports pursue faster, higher and stronger, showing the spirit of fighting, while student (mass) sports emphasize participation, interest and health.The General Plan for Deepening the Reform of Educational Evaluation in the New Era puts forward that we should adhere to scientific and effective methods, improve result evaluation, strengthen process evaluation, explore value-added evaluation, improve comprehensive evaluation, make full use of information technology, and improve the scientific, professional and objective nature of educational evaluation.This should be explored and practiced first in the evaluation of physical education in the high school entrance examination.(xiong | Beijing youth daily) sorting/guangzhou daily, new huacheng reporter: Hu Jun source/People’s Daily, workers’ daily, Beijing youth daily (abridged) the original figure/guangzhou daily, new huacheng reporter: MoWei thick guangzhou daily, new huacheng editor: liu rising