Shuozhou Bus Company carries out “window cleaning” volunteer service activities

2022-04-26 0 By

In order to do a good job in building a civilized city and further improve the image of the bus window, the Shuozhou Bus Company has held the civilized volunteer service activity of “Bus Pioneer, With You” since February 10, spreading civilized ideas and advocating civilized behavior with practical actions, and dedicating itself to the civilized construction of Shuozhou city.In the event, volunteers carried buckets, rags, brooms and other tools, and went on the streets to scrub urban bus stops, billboards, trash cans and other facilities, clean up all kinds of “wild advertising”, remove platform “psoriasis” and improve the image of Windows in accordance with industry norms and standards.Everyone is busy, nervous, fully carry forward not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, positive dedication, to overcome difficulties of the volunteer spirit, carefully wipe the waiting space on the dirt, up and down to clean the bus stop, the dusty bus station instantly like open the “beauty” as brand-new.Although we are tired sweating, but did not stop the hands of the action, they use the action to create a clean and tidy waiting car ride environment, won the citizens of the passengers have “praise”.Urban bus is an important means of transportation for citizens to travel, and bus station is one of the important Windows for the establishment of urban civilization.Shuozhou Public Transport will continue to promote the normalization of volunteer services, make “volunteer red” the base color of the construction of civilized city, and contribute to the construction of national civilized city of Shuozhou.Source: Shuozhou Public Transport official micro-editor: Ma Shijie