The Lithuanian players are wearing us!Praise the food and accommodation in winter Olympic Village: perfect, nothing to complain about

2022-04-26 0 By

In the Beijing Olympics is to continue, the Olympics on heat, far beyond everyone’s imagination, from mascot ice mound mound in the world “a pier is hard to find” hot, and then to the opening ceremony of the zhang yimou to god again, and the Olympic village out of service, a lot of people lamenting the Olympic Games are always creating new standard of Chinese people do.This Winter Olympics, although we said that we provided a very considerate service for the athletes, but the Korean sports delegation always made a false claim, insisted that we provided hundreds of delicious food were terrible, which has caused the attention of other delegations.The Japanese delegation, which likes to take things seriously, was the first to retort, saying that the food in the village was rich and delicious, and that they were uncomfortable with the unusual tastes of Koreans.Well, it’s not just the Japanese who are hard to understand, we can verify it in other ways.Julia Marino of the United States, who won the silver medal in women’s snowboard slopestyle at the Winter Olympics, said in an interview that her favorite food after entering the winter Olympics village was dumplings, which she ate about 200.In the women’s halfpipe snowboarding qualification of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Janice of Malta was still optimistic after her mistake. She ate bean buns while waiting for the result, and completed a “eating bun” in the Olympic stadium.Dutch speed skater Jutta Riordan was so addicted to malatang that he even had to use a shared bike to burn off calories after eating too much.Vytautas Strolia, one of Lithuania’s best-known biathletes, was asked by Lithuanian state radio and television: “Some foreign athletes have complained about the diet and living conditions. What do you think?”The athlete had a fair word to say about China’s Beijing Olympics: “It’s all been perfect for me and I have absolutely nothing to complain about!”The winter Olympic Village menu has 678 dishes, which will be rotated every eight days to provide round-the-clock quality catering service for delegations.We dare to put forward the slogan “to the future together” in this Winter Olympics, must have a lot of confidence, The Korean team had to lie through their teeth, and ultimately very shameful and despised.