18 Unspoken Rules of Social Interaction that most People Don’t Know

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Fei Xiaotong, a famous scholar, once wrote in his book Rural China that the traditional Chinese society has a complex and huge network of relationships, namely the society of acquaintances.Familiarity is a treasure, and acquaintances are easy to handle. This is the unspoken rule of the acquaintance society.In daily life, we are taught how to deal with strangers, but there are more unspoken rules to be aware of among acquaintances.How many of these 18 unspoken rules do you know?One, invite you to dinner, no matter how to invite, do not go to someone who wants to invite you to dinner, must make an appointment in advance.Dinner point just about you, or the person did not gather together, or shout you pay;On the other hand, if you bump into someone you know at a dinner party, don’t go, no matter how invited.The invitation is polite. If you take it seriously, you don’t know what to do.Be Friendly to Strangers and Be Polite to Relatives There is an old Chinese saying: relatives should be born, strangers should be familiar, acquaintances should be close.Family members often turn against each other because there is no boundary. They should keep a certain distance from their friends and relatives so that the relationship between them can be placed.Strangers can be as warm as it is, both to establish a good first impression, and close the relationship;Be intimate with acquaintances.If you help him today, you will help you tomorrow.Never go to someone else’s house for dinner empty-handed, for whatever reason.Host family treat is to want to spend money, let alone prepare the tired, go to other people’s home to be a guest, bring something to host, is the most basic interpersonal communication etiquette.Four, do not expose their weakness with anyone, to keep a bottom line.Never expose your weakness to others. You hope others will sympathize with you, but in fact they will think you are really bad, and even take advantage of your weakness.Most people are strong people and prefer the strong to the weak.In the adult world, weakness and weakness should be digested silently and become stronger quietly.Be nice, but don’t be too nice to someone. Most of the time it just speeds him up and leaves you.The result of treating one too well is either taking too much or taking too little, both of which lead to the breakdown of the relationship.This is not wrong, but human nature.A good relationship requires a degree of communication and an appropriate amount to maintain for a long time.Six, to learn to boast behind people, twice the result with half the effort to hear a very reasonable words: “bad to say, good behind said.”Learn to praise people behind their backs, is a kind of efficient productivity, which is more convincing than face to face.Without enough strength, you can’t provide value to others, so people naturally won’t respect you.No matter how to please others, others in the heart, but also contempt.Instead of pleasing others, retreat and make a net. When you are strong enough, someone will take you seriously.Face is earned, not given.Eight, the most solid relationships must be the nature of the demand relationship relationships, not know each other, but need each other.A really strong relationship is an exchange of values.If you want to get into any circles, provide matching resources.You must pay the price for what you want.Nine, hard times do not please relatives, business do not go to the acquaintance shop do not overdraw, do not overdraw the relationship.The only problem that can be solved with money is not to bother the people around you.The benefits gained by overdrawing favors will eventually be lost in another way.Do not Publicly correct Your leaders can only be influenced, not changed.If you have a problem with what your boss is saying, communicate privately and save face when others are present.If you say the leader is wrong and make him embarrassed, he will hardly give you more chances.The most important thing is to look good.Eleven, to help others, as little as possible after helping others, as little as possible to mention their own favor.Every time you mention it, people will appreciate you less.Because, when you praise yourself, you are already wasting the blessing of helping.12, guard against unexpected greetings for a long time do not contact friends, suddenly one day to find you, or to find you to borrow money, or to find your followers.Don’t think people are just trying to connect with you. Think about how you’re going to respond.The underlying logic of humor is either to make fun of yourself or to offend others.So, when you make fun of others, you must be careful.You can make fun of yourself, but don’t make fun of other people’s scars and shortcomings.What you find funny is not funny, as long as others find it funny.14, don’t be greedy for small advantages, will consume your contacts love to take advantage of, in fact, covet is the immediate interests.But the reality is that those who try to take advantage end up not only losing out, but losing out.There is no free lunch in this world, and no one wants to be with a freeloader.Every advantage you take is a drain on your network.15, to help people with good character, is the best cost performance investment utilitarianism, when you pay goodwill, only sharpen your eyes, will not pay in vain.A good character, know how to Thanksgiving and return, even if there is no return, also in your damage;Bad character, the better you are to him, he will never abandon enough;Your good will is too expensive to waste. Helping good people is the best investment you can make.No matter how good a friend is, don’t make a decision for him not to have an accident, something is that you want to carry the pot, it will become a knot in the relationship between two people.You can give your opinion, but leave the decision to your friend.A wise man always guides others and never makes decisions for them.More uncomfortable than refusing is that the hope of failing to do things, not ambiguous, not to create false hope for others, simply refuse, is respect for others, but also for their own respect.Be a person to do things, be agile, can let a person see your principle and bottom line.Having principles and boundaries makes you more valuable and valuable.18, things do not have to do beautiful, must say beautiful sincere, admittedly is our recognized valuable quality, but the absolute sincerity, just do not know how to adapt stupid.The real smart people, not all the truth, not all lie, things do not necessarily do beautiful, must say beautiful.Speak beautifully, make the scene round, can get twice the result with half the effort.There are many unspoken rules in acquaintance communication, and many people are always too familiar with them to ignore these unspoken and established rules, unknowingly losing their contacts.More understanding of human nature, identify human nature, not only can get twice the result with half the effort, handling comfortable, but also a rare charm.May you read half your life, know the world but not the world, the calendar is smooth and really.