Art is planting, art is sticking to the grass, art is rooted in the land, we should make friends with farmers

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KnowArt | wang qin calligraphy and painting work serialize (29) from soil in the pursuit of light as a painter, I am solid ground to walk in the way of search, the non-stop to absorb valuable nutrients traditional poem calligraphy and seal, in efforts to improve their own comprehensive accomplishment, the careful observation of the gift of life, in sensitive to capture by the moment of the mind.Not only painting, painting the landscape in my heart, but also fighting in the front line of education, teaching students to paint, laying Bridges for more students, so that they can enjoy a wider, broader world.In the Light Series, the desire for light is expressed.In the arduous journey of art, Van Gogh painted a large number of sunflowers in pursuit of light. His understanding of the color of sunlight and his painful emotion deeply affected me.Explore the world beyond the light through the gap, then look for the light of the heart, in the light of the road has been forward.– Wang Qin Name of work: “Memories of Childhood” Size: 138cm*69cm Creation time: 2015 Part of Work Name: “Old House” size: 138cm*69cm Creation time: 2015 Part of Wang Qin is also known as Wang Zi, styled Qinxiao, name: Lang Zhao, with the label of Fuying Xuanzhu.Painter of Jia Youfu Landscape Creation Studio of Central Academy of Fine Arts, senior teacher and associate professor.Member of Chinese Artists Association, member of Chinese Education Committee, director of Chinese Women Painters Association, member of Xiling Seal Society.”Know” platform special art consultant.