Can jie tiger into blunt section of the final assassin’s mace, once reached 2W3 war, Beimu will not laugh out

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But Jie and Beimu two people are like “happy enemy”, there are certainly many people still knock two people CP, and two people are also because to compete with the country a dozen wild branch segment once again by the fate of the silk thread.Recently Can see Beimu jie has reached 124 section after running to 125 section when they understand what they should do, only in this way it is possible to catch up with Beimu again to achieve beyond.As we all know, jie and Beimu two people’s relationship is very delicate, two people know between early, because some things later lead to the rupture of the relationship between two people and the recent period of time seems to have appeared the signs of a circle.After can Jie rebroadcast he will be fully on their own attention to play wild, with superb talent and unremitting efforts, can Jie will finally play wild segment promoted to 123 become a country a dozen wild, even beimu will be pressed a head.Can be jie can suppress the north Mu reason is very simple, because can be Jie hero pool wide, last month can be Jie to ten countries to play wild advantage successfully crushed only eight clothes north Mu, this let Can be Jie again into the field of vision.But careful netizens have found the disadvantages of Jie, that is, although Jie heroes, but the average of each hero is not high, even his most famous xuan Policy also only 2W2 war.But solution luna, mirror have reached 2W3 war force, can think if Jie can not pull the war force to 2W3, Beimu will surpass it is just a matter of time.Sure enough, in the S26 season just started not long, Beimu pulled Zhanli to 123 with Kejie, and then with Agudo and Nakoluru rushed to 124, even 125 is close.This time jie really panic, put down the original want to go on the country a 暃 idea, turned around to impact the xuan Policy and the tiger’s war, trying to make up for.Now can be a tiger to the position of a country, and are trying to improve the tiger’s war, and can be jie also successfully hit the top of the sixth position, no accident can be jie also rushed to 124 section of the wild catch up with Bemu.But jay want again beyond north longed for is still not easy, because jay’s biggest problem is that the average power is not high, so after jie may be shifting to low power state uniform hero, only will increase the hero fighting force all of the other, being able to ping jie talents and north for another flat in the same starting line between countries on a dozen wild, number can’t alone to suppress.Personal opinion:Jie and north for two people died as a result of competitors a dozen wild again is bound to compare, but north mu before because more solid fundamentals, so although not in the clothes can be jie, but still can easily overtake jie won the country a dozen wild glory again, and again but jay wanted from the north for hand took the standard, and the first point is to xuan and the tiger up to 2 w3,At the same time, other heroes with low ability scores will also have to increase their ability.