Carrying forward the Olympic spirit and singing for the common future of mankind, the top line-up sang the music video “Together for the Future”

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Use music to tell stories, use notes to build dreams.The world because of the colorful dream and colorful, we sing the voice of China to the world, together to the future.By the movie channel activity center, the Beijing games organizers culture department, Hong Kong’s TVB (television station), People’s Daily new media center, alibaba group, joint production of the Beijing 2022 Olympics and the winter paralympic games slogan to promote music video “to the future” at 10 am on February 1 in the entire network, and on 22 in CCTV6 movie channel TV premiere.Co-starring Wang Pingjiu lyrics and overall planning, often benji composition and total producer, FuJie as general director, Jackie chan and Eric tsang art direction, by the 105 groups of musicians, filmmakers and Hong Kong, Macao and across the Taiwan straits and winter paralympic games opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 winter Olympics and Beijing zhang yimou, the Chinese astronaut zhai zhigang, ya-ping wang, Ye Guangfu,Gu Ailing, an athlete from the Chinese delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, was joined by five special guests. She sang songs and expressed the lofty ideals of the Chinese people to the world, and expressed the firm determination of the Chinese people and the people of the world to overcome difficulties and create a better future together.On the first day of the Year of Yinhu in the Lunar calendar, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year, and three days countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the music video “Together for the Future” is a tribute to China and the world, inviting everyone to welcome the new beginning and to the future together.Music has an indissoluble relationship with the Olympic Movement.Looking back at the 100-year History of the Olympic Games, the classic Olympic songs will not only become the symbol and symbol of the Olympic Games, but also engraved with the memory of a country and the common memory of people around the world, and will continue to inspire people after the Games.In 2008, the theme song “Beijing Welcomes You”, sung by the stars, has become an eternal witness of the Beijing Olympic Games and has been passed down as a legendary classic.Wang Pingjiu, the lyricist and organizer of Beijing Welcomes You, has been looking for a unifying voice of the Olympic Games for a new era since the bid was won.”I’ll see you in Beijing,” which was released 100 days before the Beijing Winter Olympics, was his initial choice.”This dream in my heart/has never changed/Beijing welcomes you/See you in Beijing,” the song continues the classic melody and Olympic feelings of “Beijing Welcomes You”, sung by 55 world champion athletes, and have started to invite the stars.However, Wang pingjiu found that the Beijing Winter Olympics not only showcased China during the Olympic Games, but also showed the world China’s yesterday, today and tomorrow, showing an open, inclusive and vibrant China that unites people around the world to join hands and create a better future.In the face of a series of global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the complex and volatile international situation, the people of the world need love to help each other, the courage to overcome difficulties together, and the determination to build a community with a shared future for mankind.The theme slogan of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games “Together for a Shared Future” demonstrates the Chinese wisdom and Chinese value of “The road is for the common good”.At the same time, the promotion of the same name song composed by he and chang shi lei “into the future together” is fast to get the whole people, in a short period of time have cut out, hot list of topics to exceed 530, total cover more than 40 billion times, spontaneous participate in works of more than 50000 pieces, so it is the people “into the future together” a common word.In 2008, “Beijing Welcomes You” gave full play to its “star effect” through the transmission path of “stars” and then “masses”, leading the masses to participate in singing and resounding in the streets and alleys.And now “together to the future” took the lead in obtaining a good mass base, Wang Pingjiu believes that it is time to gather the enthusiasm and strength of the whole people together, launched a classic version of both epidemic, international and artistic, for the Beijing Winter Olympics left a cultural heritage, for the world engraved the sound of the era.Therefore, “together to the future” music video, in the voice of the masses, emerged at the historic moment.Talked about “welcome to Beijing” and “into the future together” music video creation biggest differences, Wang Pingjiu said 14 years ago, “welcome to Beijing” is a “new Beijing” as the theme, combining songs and Beijing landmark, issue the collection of ancient and modern in the integration of urban most enthusiastic invitation, invite everyone to look at the real Beijing, contemporary China.Fourteen years on, the Chinese people’s outlook, ideology and world outlook have continued to develop. Today, we are more interested in the world, and we are the architects, advocates and builders of a community with a shared future for mankind.So to the future of the music video is no longer choose landmarks, also not limited ice and snow sports, but the camera is permeated with the smiling face of each compatriots, and enthusiasm about smiling face open, easy, starting from everyone, escape to the universe of infinite unknown may, “the portrait is in 2022, our new look, new pattern, the new world.”The song comes from the heart, and the artists gathered their strength to sing the voice of China short music film “Together towards the Future” for 11 minutes. A total of 105 groups of musicians and filmmakers sang the song.The program center of the Film Channel, which has rich experience in organizing large-scale events, as the planner and organizer, has received positive response after inviting artists to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Many people “came in a word”, volunteered for public welfare, and even said “Finally you!” when they received the invitation..There are many applicants, but in the end each singer’s selection is carefully planned.In the early stage of creation, Wang Pingjiu and Chang Shilei set rules: the creation of this music video is different from the past, not “who comes” and “for who”, but to return to the essence of music, according to the planning needs of the music video, the artistic law of music creation to invite guests.Therefore, the selection of singers adopt four principles: first, silent, encourage the broad masses of literary and art workers to sign up voluntarily;2. To select literary and art personages with certain popularity and influence, especially positive energy;Iii. Overall consideration should be given to the proportion of participants from both sides of the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macao;Fourth, the singers must include senior, core, youth and other people of different ages and different artistic schools, so that each generation and each person can find their own resonance in the short film.Among them, for the 1990 Beijing Asian games propaganda song is famous for its “Asia glory”, in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony voice “beyond” wei wei, the Beijing Asian games propaganda songs black quilted together, sing will HangTianQi sounds a long established, in 2008 to participate in singing “welcome to Beijing” coco lee, sun yue, Karen mok man-wai, sun nan, Lin yi annulus, etc.,Their participation is not only a response to the current trend of retro “memory killing”, but also a vivid portrayal of the passing on of the Olympic spirit and the Olympic story.Wei wei could not help feeling: “standing in front of the microphone again, under the magnesium lamp, exhausted all the strength to complete the common masterpiece, even oneself are shocked.”This video is not a traditional music video, which is filled with pop, electronic music, symphony, RHYTHM and blues, dance music, rock and roll and other musical elements, including pop, bel canto, ethnic and other singing methods, which benefits from the devotion of different types of musicians.Li yuchun, Jane zhang, zhang jie, deep blue, tan weiwei, sweet things, zhou wei, Zhang Bichen, JiKeJuan escape, Hu Xia, according to the pure is the present representative strength singer, these popular good voice and coloratura soprano Chen little flower, tenor stone, such as lean on clean, Chinese folk singer li na brought imagination and possibilities for songs.In addition, Chen Kun, Deng Chao, Huang Bo, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Tong Liya, Yi Yangqianxi, Zhang Xiaofi, Zhou Xun, Wu Jing and many other filmmakers joined the music video to boost the “singing and acting excellence” of the excellent work.Film actors use their unique tension performance, through facial expressions, body movements, etc. to deduce “together to the future”, so that more emotions, emotions visualization.Huang Xiaoming does the full “dusting dust, pinching hair ball, practice singing” of the preparatory work;Zhou Xun repeatedly asked for “one more time”;Zhang Xiaofei is still trying to insist on throat illness;Liu Haoran took notes and practiced repeatedly in order to present the best recording condition…In this series of net friends with relish behind the recording of sidelights, active are filmmakers into the posture.The short music video “Together towards the Future” was shot in more than 20 days across Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Macao, Shenzhen and other cities, and more than 47 artists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated in it.The team of The Movie Channel program Center and the team of Hong Kong TVB worked day and night and closely linked, so that the audience could meet the “King of Heaven” Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau, “Tso Lin and Right Lee” Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, “Iron Lung singing husband and wife” Lin Zixiang and Ye Qianwen,Gulf of “big brother” Chen xiao chun, working, zhang zi Lin Lin xiaofeng, laughing, “voice” of Hong Kong, Hong Kong TVB President Eric tsang, said the Hong Kong filmmaker, singer after news “kind”, actively overcome difficult disease, short-term efficient finish their recordings, represent the Chinese dream world and the connection with people around the world together into the future, particularly meaningful “.The enthusiastic participation of the broad masses of literary and art workers shows solidarity and responsibility, and the small behind-the-scenes stories are heartwarming.In the face of the difficulties brought by objective factors, many people just said, “AS long as I can participate, I am willing to overcome any difficulties”.According to Lin Lin, producer of the music video, “Almost every guest would ask me, ‘Are they all singing in chorus? Can I get a sentence in one scene?’.They are all top singers and actors in China. They are usually the leading actors everywhere. This time, they are willing to overcome all difficulties to become one percent of the participants, even though they think they don’t have much room to show themselves.Song in generation, imagine the universe between human glorious future “into the future together” music video for the Beijing Olympics theme slogan was “into the future together”, carry forward the “higher, faster, stronger, more unity” of the Olympic spirit, together with her singing, is “led 300 million people participate in ice and snow sports” the effective implementation, is the Olympic spirit is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,As well as every one of the high spirited endeavour, hard to dream of the appointment.But to the team, she may be more than that.With the traditional music VIDEO creation and expression is completely different, “Together towards the Future” music video focuses on the sense of film and artistic, creative, bold use of space scene picture lens, tells a dream story composed of notes, with the outline of the melody.As Fu jie said, “It is not a MV, but a short story, a short story depicting a dream.”In the film, the voice, movements and expressions of each singer and special guest are all a story, representing their own understanding and expression of their future and dreams.These expressions are so colorful that they build up our colorful world and come to symbolize the transcendence and the infinite space, and highlight our vision of a better future.Bold creativity and artistic vision can be seen in the enthusiastic participation of 5 special guests and more than 100 child singers.Fu Jie introduced: “Children, is the hope, is the future.And our space station is really connected to the whole community of shared future of mankind. We explore the unknown, explore more possibilities, and that is the future.”Therefore, when The Chinese astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, with the strong support of relevant departments, sent back the filming material from the space station, the whole creative team was very excited, and many people were moved to tears, because the “voice from space” made the expression of the whole short film more complete, vivid and lovely.In addition, the short film also invited zhang Yimou, the world’s first “Double Olympic” opening and closing ceremony general director, to join, and specially in the opening ceremony rehearsal scene to complete the shooting, with the ingenuity of the filmmakers echo the Olympic spirit.Gu Ailing, an 18-year-old athlete of the Chinese national team who is preparing for the Winter Olympics, participated in the short film as a representative of young ice and snow athletes. The patriotism and internationalism of Chinese youth embodied in her adds a youthful atmosphere to the short film.Images and music, all is the best medium of cross-cultural communication, “to the future” music video will be more than a singing voice convergence tolerance of different, just like everyone in the world make their different voices, collision, convergence, condenses into human common imagination of the future, she is 1.4 billion and the Chinese people and people all over the world heart resonance.The harmony of sound is one of the characteristics of this music video.In often benji music files of production, indicate the intensity of production and modification opinions, “fever”, “modern sense” “fantasy” “space” metamorphosis “keywords” vividly on the its voice – some people need to strengthen, some places need to accompany the foil, to retain some personalized expression, articulation of some key words should be highlighted,Some of the voices should be handled to match the expressions of the singers, while others should highlight the fresh feeling brought by different styles of music…The smallest changes will bring the most unexpected artistic effect and the most direct emotional resonance to the audience.”‘ Together ‘is inclusive,” Chang said, referring to the most stunning chorus passage, “and the inclusion of the voice itself is a special beauty. I believe this song will stay.I hope you enjoy this song, and that this inner rhythm will stay with you in the future.”The climax of the music video is achieved by the passionate expression of each vocalist.Such a surge and excitement can not be achieved simply by strengthening the orchestration and raising the volume. Only when the voices and emotions of more than 100 people converge at a point can the emotion of “moving to the future together” be set off.At the end of the short film, the voice of “Together for the Future” is heard from space, and the audience will discover a whole range of things: from ancient city walls to modern cities, from young children to the endless outer space…The penetration in the film is simple and direct visual intention, and endless miles, with singing, the world of the past, present, future and forever together, the creator send small hearts in infinite universe between time and space, make love and dreams lambe, create and change the future, romantic and full of wisdom,It vividly depicts the great vision of a community with a shared future for mankind and Outlines a bright future shared by all mankind through artistic expression.Author: Wang Yan Editor: Wang Licheng Responsible editor: Fan Xin * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.