Chengyang Eight village traditional marriage customs make the Spring Festival

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Cheng Yang eight village traditional marriage customs make the New Year on Feb. 3, the third day, sanjiang dong autonomous county town of Lin Xi Cheng Yang eight village original to send the bride recalls a traditional marriage customs activities, consisting of dozens of people seeing the bridegroom off team carried the red pig, carrying sour fish, glutinous rice, dong cloth, such as wedding gifts, will be the bride from her husband’s foot ZouCunChuanZhai, mighty back to the bride’s family,The rich scenery attracts villagers and tourists along the way, forming a beautiful scenery line of Dong Village in the Spring Festival.The bride was decked out for her return.The procession dressed up for the return.The procession took the bride home.Reporter: Wu Lianxun gong Pukang video source: Liusteel Group Tao Changyu wechat video number editor/Wu Maotian proof reading/Gong Pukang review/Xie Yike supervisor/Long Xiaoqin Contributed email Telephone:8612982 (Sanjiangrong Media Center) 8611950 (Amorous Feelings sanjiang) Amorous feelings Sanjiang wechat: sjCYq999666 Statement: the above content, without the permission of the author, shall not be reproduced.