Did Lithuania hold back?Foreign Minister Li announced the renaming plan of “Taiwan Representative Office”

2022-04-27 0 By

Lithuania, which had been challenging China’s bottom line on the Taiwan issue and thought the US and EU could back it up, finally bowed to the pressure and flinched.According to related media reports, Lithuanian officials are discussing the name of the “Taiwan representative office”, but The Lithuanian foreign Minister Landsberges, who has been very tough, said that the name should not be changed, announced the plan this time.Some time before the announcement, Lithuanian President Nowsaida publicly said that the Lithuanian government’s behavior on the Taiwan issue was a mistake made in dealing with China.Landsberges has been tougher, Shouting out Nausseda that there is no problem with a Taiwan representative office.But now Landsberges has suddenly changed his attitude, publicly expressed his opinion through media channels, proposed to rename the “Taiwan Representative Office” to “Taiwan People’s Representative Office in Lithuania”, apparently also accepted.Lithuania’s move is clearly taking into account the current changes in the domestic and international situation, and wants to ease domestic pressure through public statements.In response to Lithuania’s remarks, the Taiwan authorities immediately responded to relevant questions by the so-called “Representative in Lithuania” Huang Chung-yiu.Mr Wong said it was inappropriate to change the original name, which was confirmed by both sides.Lithuania has taken many actions, and China’s principle remains the same. Lithuania obviously wants to give in to China to release its so-called goodwill, but it does not dare to directly cancel the choice considering the camp it belongs to.Lithuania’s actions have shown that they are now in a difficult position to learn the pain of crossing China’s bottom line.Now Lithuania’s domestic economy and industry have been hit hard, and the public are also opposed due to the irrational behavior of the government. Some anti-China members in the EU want to help Lithuania, but fail to pass the proposal, and most of them do not want to offend China.Lithuania also said it would send its largest-ever team to the Beijing Games.I have to say that Lithuania seems to have shown enough sincerity to try to change China’s opinion of him in this way.For China, however, this does not change the nature of Lithuania’s anti-China stance, after the British press revealed that American diplomats appeared to be advising Lithuania to adopt the name change.If Lithuania remains unrepentant and tries to gain China’s trust through such vague means, we will just sit on the sidelines until the day comes when we will pay the price.Part of the reference information source: first international vision