In the TV drama “Only thirty”, Chen Yu did not wash qin’s clothes for a reason

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You can make a phone call from Xiaoqin and receive wechat in a timely manner. If you insist on her signal being weak and unable to locate, the TV drama can add a picture of Chen Yu failing to send messages several times and unable to make a phone call, just a few seconds, which can make the whole logic more feasible.But the TV series is obviously shot, Chen Yu just sent a message, Qin received, so we can not let you have this kind of doubt, and before Why qin found the driver did not take the highway, driving to the unknown area, also because Qin has been open the map, otherwise she how to know how to go.It’ll cover you, but not when you get out of the car?People watch TV dramas based on the rationality of the situation, rather than relying on the actors themselves.I did not say that Chen Yu’s taking things with him and going to Gu Jia’s house were illogical. I just said that I felt a little awkward.Otherwise, Qin wouldn’t have called Chen Yu in tears. Of course, it wasn’t your girlfriend. You wouldn’t have been in a hurry, and you wouldn’t have died if you went there a little late.As Chen Yu, he can’t help being anxious, and he must think of many possibilities. Therefore, he must want to find her as soon as possible. If you insist on saying that this just reflects Chen Yu’s carefulness and sense of responsibility, I have nothing to say.Before the divorce, two people quarrel, Chen Yu not give small qin laundry because the washing clothes to wash before broken small qin, as you say this kind of information should not lead to later even Chen Yu it washed only his clothes, I just want to say if he is willing to do this to small qin before a divorce, patient, tolerant, don’t accumulate so many contradictions, two people also won’t divorce,You don’t have to get divorced and then try to get back together.Therefore, I am not criticizing. I just say that the two events happened because the scriptwriter wanted to push them to get married again. The performance was somewhat rigid and impatient, and the details were not proper, and there were some unreasonable places and flaws.We obviously have different attitudes about the people and events in these shows, and you missed the point of my previous answer, so let’s cut it out.In fact, there is no essential contradiction, I will not fight for the sake of the bar, here, everyone has the right to put forward their own opinions.There’s no need for such a fierce attitude.Chen Yu obviously sent a letter to Xiaoqin later, and she also received it. If she could receive a letter, she could access the Internet. Couldn’t it be positioned?Chen Yu was careful, but Qin could be in danger at any time when he was out alone. It was not like going to pick her up at home.If other people have no position, just rely on simple narration, can you find it so quickly?Manny home far away, but not out of Shanghai, in line with the principle of convenience, Manny is single, even if Gu Jia is the backbone, there is no family manny that convenient.I’m just saying that this is usually the case. It’s not illogical for Qin to go to Gu Jia.Location requires a very strong signal to continue to work, and speech can be picked up a few times over a bad network.Chen Yu later explained that he had done an ecological survey on Chongming Island. During that time, he went twice a week and actually visited factories nearby.