Industry skills knowledge competition, Angang won a number of honors

2022-04-27 0 By

Released recently, the China iron and steel association, the fourth session of the iron and steel industry skills knowledge network competition results, obtained the excellent result of anshan steel group, anshan iron and steel, panzhihua “group superior unit” honor, benxi steel, long climb, won the “outstanding organizational units” honor, 28 worker won the “iron and steel industry to learn skills knowledge pacesetter” title.The iron and Steel industry skills and knowledge network competition is divided into two stages: practice and competition. It mainly focuses on iron making, steel making, metal rolling, rail transit and other iron and steel enterprises’ main businesses and jobs, and sets up 21 occupations, 59 jobs and 222 competitions.Angang Group has launched more than 1,600 employees to sign up for 55 job competitions.The participating workers self-pressurized, enriched their knowledge, gave full play to their skills and expertise in each stage of the competition, and achieved good results, which fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor of high quality and strong ability of anshan Iron and Steel Group workers.Anshan Iron and Steel Group attaches great importance to the training of skilled personnel. Since last year, it has vigorously implemented the “Ten Measures on Strengthening the Construction of Skilled personnel team of Anshan Iron and Steel Group” to strengthen the training of skilled personnel from ten aspects, such as unimpeded talent development channels, increasing incentives, and building practice training platform.Carry forward the anshan Iron and Steel Constitution spirit of “two participation, one reform and three combination”, establish the working mechanism for skilled personnel to participate in scientific research and technological reform projects, so that the rich practical experience of skilled personnel can be fully integrated into scientific research projects.Up to now, Angang Group has 93 master workstations, 1 winner of China Skills Award and 31 national technical experts.Source: Anshan All Media