“It’s our anniversary. Where are you?””Spending her birthday with her.”

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Everyone’s personality is completely different, in the relationship, such two people will get along with the way will be different.If you’re with an introvert, they’ll be less likely to surprise and romance you. If you’re with someone who’s naturally wooden, they’ll be less likely to say nasty things to you.Everyone’s way of getting along is different, so it takes two people to get to know each other in a relationship.There is such a kind of man, their natural character is more direct, also more careless, not as gentle and delicate as women.But when you’re with a guy like this, many of us who have been around tell us not to expect too much from him.They may not even remember a lot of anniversaries between you, just how nice they are to you on a regular basis and how nice they are to you in detail.But Joan flute believes that a man really loves you, no matter how careless of his own character, he would try to want to remember all about you, because have you in my heart, so all things with you, he will not consciously to care about, also will remember include you two wedding anniversary, and your birthday is the important day.A man who truly loves you will not only show his love in the details of his life, but also remember the days full of ritual and make an effort to express his love to you.Before my husband and I got married, I knew that he was a man who was not very good at expressing himself.But I had taken a fancy to his honesty at the beginning, and felt that with such a man, there was no need to worry that he would have an affair, no matter what kind of life they had, he would not choose to betray me.But when really into marriage, I found that the original character of a person will change.He is a man who is not good at talking and careless. Although we have been together for a long time and have been married for a while, he will not remember my birthday and every anniversary between us every year.Even twice a year on Valentine’s Day, I have to remind him repeatedly to remember.So I naturally assumed that he was just the kind of man who didn’t mind, so I didn’t mind.At the same time, it is also because he is concerned about me in daily life. When two people quarrel, he will bow his head first. No matter who is right or wrong, he will try his best to stand in front of me when encountering any difficulties, giving me a sufficient sense of security.I feel that he is different from other men who talk so sweetly. That kind of calm and steadfast feeling will make me feel that I will be very stable all my life.But gradually, I realized something was wrong with him.That day was our wedding anniversary, I specially prepared a small gift for him, thinking to give my husband a surprise.When he hadn’t come home for a long time after work, I called to find out where he was, only to hear another woman’s voice on the other end of the line.When my husband came back home, under my pressure, he finally admitted that it was a college classmate he had been in contact with. Today, he went to have a meal with her on her birthday.But he was born not to lie, the panic in his eyes, let me feel despair for the first time, I know he is lying to me, things are not so simple.I asked him, do you know what day it is, besides her birthday?But he did not answer along while, I finally understand, the original man really like you, is not forget everything about you.Even if he is naturally careless, he will try to remember and try to put all of you in his heart.He didn’t remember our anniversary, but he remembered that today was another woman’s birthday.This practice makes me very cold, I also understand for the first time, in love, there is no such thing as a broad line of people, he will always forget everything about you, only to show that he does not like you.Qiongdi’s advice: There are often people with such personalities around us. They are born to be very taciturn, not good at talking, and are quite wooden in doing things. They are often careless in relationships, and often can’t timely feel the happiness and sorrow of each other.When you are with them, you may not adapt to their personality, or even think they don’t like you.But when you get to know them, it’s just how they were.Although they look so clumsy, but deep down, they really like themselves.But What Joan Di is trying to say is that if a man really loves a woman, no matter how careless his original nature is, he doesn’t even care about anything.In love, for this woman, he will go bit by bit to make their efforts, become more careful.Because you like her, you automatically want to know more about her.All those things about her, you will go to the heart.Even see a cloud will think of her, see a book will think of her, this is the meaning of love.As above the readers about her husband, may also is not completely don’t love yourself, after all, two people have the feelings of the foundation for so many years, perhaps her husband is only of marriage has been is disturbed heart, coupled with the emergence of the university students, let him calm has long life, added a little.I believe that as long as the two people communicate well, this marriage is still possible to recover.