Not afraid of “losing face”!China’s first quantum security intelligent community system officially put into use!

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With the gradual penetration of face recognition technology into all aspects of our lives, some communities, apartments began to use this technology to enter and exit the community management.However, some residents have raised doubts about this, fearing the disclosure of personal information.At the end of June last year, the property company of a building in Wuzhong district, Suzhou city, forced residents to register their faces and identity information, or they would not be able to enter the neighborhood, reported. The owner, surnamed Zhang, thought this violated his privacy and asked for other ways to verify his identity, but the property refused.Helpless, Zhang appealed to wuzhong District people’s Court.Residents “hand in” face information security?Will our privacy be swept away?Recently by the high-tech enterprises in anhui province, hefei HuaDian big data technology co., LTD. Research and development of the domestic first quantum system security intelligence community officially put into use in three residential district in hefei quantum technology began to escort the wisdom peace village building “encryption lock” for personal information security personnel in and out of the brush face than voice print, vehicle in and out of the identification of license plate…With the construction of intelligent safe residential area, this mode of “people passing to take photos and cars passing to leave cards” has greatly improved the ability of the community to prevent and resist security risks.At present, several residential areas in Hefei have completed the construction of intelligent safe residential areas. Data terminal boxes are deployed in the computer room of these residential areas, static data such as residents’ personal, housing and vehicle information, and dynamic data such as face recognition traffic records and video surveillance are stored in them, and uploaded to their public security departments in real time.At the same time, it is also urgent to protect the security of personal information generated by face brushing and other behaviors.How to ensure the security of residents’ personal information?The key is to do a good job of data storage and transmission encryption protection.Therefore, in the ustc, supported by China university institute of advanced technology incubation enterprise of anhui HuaDian big data technology co., LTD., the scientific research team after more than four years time to study, develop quantum security intelligence community system, quantum secret communication technology and storage transmission fuses in together, and for the first time applied to the construction of wisdom and peace village and grass-roots social governance.”Compared with traditional data encryption, quantum security technology encryption can be applied to the security control of the whole life cycle of data, including data production, storage and transmission, which can guarantee the security of residents’ personal data information from the root.”Tian Baotong, general manager of Huadian Big Data, introduced that in the process of data production and storage, the research team integrated the quantum security database into the community data terminal box, and carried out quantum encryption on the key data in the device through quantum key charging and quantum password services.In the process of data transmission, a quantum key service platform is deployed in the central computer room of the public security system, and a quantum encryption communication channel is constructed with the quantum encryption chip of the acquisition terminal to carry out quantum encryption on the transmitted data.At present, the quantum Security smart community system has been in operation in three residential areas, including Times Huating, for more than a month.”According to the test results, the transmission link is smooth and the data is safe and stable.””Quantum encryption of data with quantum keys makes it difficult for others to obtain quantum keys to decrypt data even if it is attacked by a third party or the terminal device is lost, thus ensuring data security,” Said Tian.Note: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: