Some are easier than others!Snow in North China this week!The capital has a twist!Jin Shi is more clear

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△ Regional precipitation numerical forecast at 20:00 on February 12 (China National Meteorological Center/issue)Rain and snow continue to dominate the national weather scene this week (Feb. 7-13), according to experts.In the south, the weather continues as before, with frequent precipitation. From Guizhou to Jiangnan, it is still wet and cold on the whole.Meanwhile, snow is also developing in north China this weekend, but the forecast is more difficult than easy.Experts said that according to the latest meteorological data analysis, the latest numerical model forecast by China, Europe and the United States today (11) shows that the snow in North China on The 12th is still uncertain, and the snow on the 13th is more reliable.Again, the main reason is that the details of the low-altitude pressure field and wind field are variable.NCEP, the National Center for Environmental Forecasting in the United States, forecasts that there will be almost no snow south of the Great Wall on December 12.The European Meteorological Center EC forecast snow is relatively more, China’s central meteorological Observatory forecast, Beijing’s western and northern mountains reported snow.But according to the situation, the cold high pressure reflux forecast in China is actually good.The isobaric line from northern Shandong to Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, just the Bohai sea water vapor to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.△ At 20 o ‘clock on February 12 regional precipitation numerical forecast (European Meteorological Center EC/ hair) according to experts, the two institutions in Europe and the United States forecast of cold high is relatively north, so that the air through the Bohai sea path is short, even directly from the west of the Corridor into Hebei, Beijing;Such a situation is not conducive to snow in Beijing.Therefore, the situation forecast by the US side can match the amount of snow.Forecasts from both sides support each other’s snowfall forecasts.Experts believe that the situation in Tianjin and Shijiazhuang is more clear from the comprehensive forecast of meteorological elements in Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang.In Shijiazhuang, the main snowfall period should be between the evening of 12th and noon of 13th.The corresponding area is high humidity and dynamic uplift area.The key snowfall period in Tianjin is from the evening of 12th to the early morning of 14th.But the 12th morning – afternoon, can also have intermittent snow.▽ Regional precipitation numerical forecast at 20 o ‘clock on February 12 (NCEP/ national Center for The Environment)For example, from the night of the 11th to the morning of the 12th, the low-level southeast wind came up, and there was also dynamic uplift;Morning of the 12th, there is a chance of snow.At noon on The 12th, dynamic conditions weakened;From the afternoon to the evening of the 12th, the humidity at low level will drop a little, so the 12th May be intermittent snow on the whole.On the 13th, the water vapor dynamic is well coordinated, and snow is no problem.* Editor’s note: The above text aims to convey more up-to-date information.Copyright content, without permission, is strictly prohibited.(You can send us a private message of relevant clues, or leave a comment at the end of the article to give the first feedback of relevant clues in your hands.)One heart!Fight the epidemic!Look out for each other!Overcome the difficulties together!↓↓↓ ↓ Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.Left left left