Soros is fast: He sold big tech stocks before the crash, building a position in Rivian(

2022-04-27 0 By

Soros Fund Management filed position report (13F) for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2021, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).According to statistics, the total market value of the fund held positions in the fourth quarter was $7.308 billion, and the total market value in the last quarter was $5.417 billion, up 34.9%.In the fourth quarter, 94 stocks were added to the portfolio and 29 stocks were added to the portfolio.At the same time, the fund also reduced holdings of 36 stocks and liquidated 65 stocks.The top ten positions accounted for 61.69% of the total market value.Among the top five heavy positions, Rivian( ranks first with a holding of about 19,835,700 shares and a market capitalization of about $2.057 billion, accounting for 28.14% of the portfolio.It’s worth noting that Rivian was one of Soros’s new holdings in the fourth quarter.Liberty Broadband-C(, Houghton Housing (, HIS Markit( and The Nasdaq 100 ETF PUT (,PUT) were ranked second, third, fourth and fifth, respectively.In terms of the change of position ratio, the top five buying targets are Rivian, Nasdaq 100 ETF put options, Sea Company notes (SE.US,PRN), Cern. US, S&P 500 ETF CALL options (Spy.US,CALL).The top five sellers were the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 ETF, Liberty Broadband-C, Vereit(, PPD Inc.( and Amazon ( addition to Rivian, Soros added about 373,000 shares of Peloton Interactive(, worth about $13.341 million.