Spring Festival cold night adhere to the security line network

2022-04-27 0 By

As usual during the Spring Festival, Wang zhijiang checked the tram network with one hand raised in a posture he had been holding for a long time, in the cold and cold outside in the wee hours of the morning, on a five-meter-high moving elevated train.In The buses of Jinan, the trolley is a special kind, the long trolley pole is easy to leave an impression, the trolley wire needs to be maintained every day, even the Spring Festival can not relax, and responsible for the maintenance of the line network is like Wang Zhijiang’s trolley line network workers.Wang Zhijiang has been engaged in network maintenance work for 32 years, and almost every New Year’s Eve is spent in the unit. When he was young, he wanted to let the old workers have a reunion at home. After the new workers continue to enter the job, he considered allowing the young people to go back home for a reunion.In this way, year after year, he changed from a young man in his early 20s to a “big brother” over 50 years old, but he stuck to his post every Spring Festival.Wang zhijiang’s wife is also a bus worker, such a dual-income family, the more holidays are more busy.Wang zhijiang guards the power supply of the tram, while his wife drives the bus to see off passengers heading home for the reunion.They couldn’t get together at home themselves, but they made their own efforts to bring the family together.There are always people who wonder why Wang Zhijiang has to work so hard.He said, “I don’t mean to be a high-handed person, but I think as a bus operator, it is very hard but also very glorious, to ensure that everyone can travel safely every day, no matter how tired and bitter the heart is also happy.”Scan code attention to our source/material supply and marketing company editor/Wu Yu proofread/Han Long responsible editor/Sang Ran supervisor/Cui Fangfang