There are surprises, Liu Shiwen after a word to liu Guoliang gratified, Sun Yingsha excited

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And surprise, word has delighted liu guoliang, liu shiwen game Sun Yingsha excited WTT macau championship was also conducted in humen, this competition, I believe you focus on the three veteran on the Chinese national army, namely Malone, Xu Xin and liu shiwen, can say on this game, three veteran performance record is quite good,The combination of Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen also broke out in the competition. Whether they can win the final championship, the fans are also very expecting.And during the game, liu shiwen is once again proved itself, in liu shiwen for all single game so far, not a game, to know before the game, liu shiwen is not how long it will take training with his teammates, most of the time, coach liu guoliang, are sent liu shiwen to participate in many activities, so for the training,Root her this is not how long, but at this time of the opening of the championship, liu shiwen state extraordinary directly, this phenomenon makes everyone was surprised, liu shiwen own potential true is bottomless, and up to now, liu shiwen took part in all kinds of sport, also once celebrated their five-game winning streak, and is not a defeat.The game, so to speak, but also give full play to the unique charm of the old players, actually everybody has to understand, liu shiwen actually did not take part in world championships, World Cup final and WTT, so many of her fans, are very concerned about her game mentality, in fact, now the performance of the presented by liu shiwen, can say this worry is superfluous, can see clearly that,Liu shiwen has fully adapted to the pace of the game, and immersed in it, so Liu Shiwen did not give up his goal, in fact, for a veteran player, should show.Beat Wang Yidi in women’s singles match, and then entered the semi-final, so in the next game, liu shiwen will fight with Sun Yingsha last, believe in that game, will cause the attention of fans, after all, before the national games competition, liu shiwen is lost Sun Yingsha, so this time, liu shiwen certainly don’t want to leave your pity,In the mixed doubles competition, Liu shiwen also played well with Xu Xin, defeating Chen Xintong and Yu Zixiang. In the interview after the match, Liu shiwen said she played well with xu Xin throughout the match.But, in the third round opponents in battle appeared on the technology changes, we are slow in responding to something, you need to perfect further, liu shiwen visible as a older players, for their own stringent requirements, also make the fans feel admirable, also believes that liu shiwen in the next game, can record.