A grain and a grain of dumplings as the moon with a spoon to salvage the world of the moon “Yuan Xi”

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“Yuan Xi” — article/Lai Yu Yuan Xi, one yuan spring resumption, the northern snow melting heart, the southern rain knock heart, snow and rain, is doomed to be the reincarnation of past life.The world of mortals has too many joys and sorrows, perhaps, need a red lantern, the flowers and trees lit up, tonight’s wind, snow and moon, but also to which a solemn pledge of eternal love?I hold a post riddles, take a tree, plant the answer to a riddle, grow enough courage, a grain and a grain of dumplings as the moon, with a spoon to fish the world.The best flavor in the world is reunion.Bless you: happy Lantern Festival, everything is round.Lai Yu, a cross-border music poet, singer and songwriter, graduated from China Conservatory of Music.In recent years, the creation of prose, poetry, songs, lyrics, academic comments and so on hundreds of pieces/much published in China’s national core journals “word publication” songs “” children’s music” the People’s Daily “October” dello sport in China, provincial song “fujian” changbai word Lin, “” the big three gorges music”, etc.A series of poems “Thoughts on Farmers’ Harvest Festival” was collected in the 2019 Annual Poetry Yearbook;Many poems have been translated and published abroad.Zeng And: Li Yourong, Jiang Chunyang, Dai Yuwu, Tie Yuan, Feng Shiquan, Tian Xiaogeng, Cao Jin, Wang Li, Chen Suwei, Wei Jindong, Ze Wang Duoji, Qiao Jun, Ruan Yuqun, Wu Yanning, Zhang Huamin, Wei Jani, Xu Xiaoming, Xiao Dan, CAI Haibo, Jiang Yanhui, Zhang Junpeng, Huang Yongjian…And so many famous musicians have had successful collaborations.The main representative works of lyricist and composer: “The Party and the People are the Supporters”, led by Zewang Duoji, launched by the PLA Southern Theater Command, “Song of the Drum Wave” and “Love is Not Alone” won the sixth “Children’s Song Grandpa Cup” original song award.Main representative works of lyricist or lyricist:”Go to war” Wang Li lead singing, “bearing always soldier” Wei Jindong singing, “China will win” Zewang Duoji singing, “China’s Beidou” Zhang Huamin singing, “Winter Olympics waltz” Wei Jani singing, “Fly, Palmier eagle” Wei Jindong singing,”One Hundred Years of Love” has been widely sung by CCTV, provincial TV and local TV stations, primary and secondary schools, college students and professional chorus groups in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country.Ruan Yuqun, the lead singer of “Party Flag Raised”, has been widely sung by military grass-roots units, towns and villages, counties and cities, and major professional groups throughout the country, and has been used as the theme song and finale song of many large variety shows.And so on.1. The song “Lighting up the Dream of Ice and Snow”, which I co-wrote, won the Best lyrics award of the first Original Music Works Collection of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Later, I also planned and wrote the Song “Dream of Beijing Winter Olympics”, the mascot songs of The Winter Olympics “Little Angel of Ice and Snow” and “Winter Olympics Waltz”.2. Lyricist song “Gate of Mansion” was selected by Chinese Musicians Association;3. The anti-EPIDEMIC charity song “Carrying A Heavy Load Is always a Soldier”, written and produced, won the third place of the “2020 Golden Song Award” of China National Radio;4. The anti-epidemic song “China Must Win” written and produced was selected by the Chinese Musicians Association and the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee;5. Children’s songs that participated in writing lyrics: “Beijing Courtyard”, “Beijing Snacks”, “Beijing Winter Olympics Dream” and so on were selected as “2021 Happy sunshine • the 17th China Children’s Karaoke TV Contest original song collection” The Most Beautiful Red in the East “, published by People’s Music Publishing House in 2021.1;6.Children’s songs with lyrics:One hundred “big love”, “I love mom” beginner’s mind “red ribbon” “Chinese beidou” included in the people’s music publishing house “the east is the most beautiful red, salute to the flag” the 100th anniversary of the 100 tribute, has publicly issued by the people’s music publishing house, among them, the “big love” in one hundred children in the country has more than 30 provinces and cities and university campuses, widely sung in chorus group;7. The song “The First Day of July” written and performed was selected as the second prize in the original works collection for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC sponsored by Shanghai Musicians Association;8. Participated in the creation of large-scale songs for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Shenzhen, and wrote the lyrics of the song “I call You Hakka Mother”.