Cross slope utopia, and demon are yearning place

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One demon ghosts, for our childhood, both curious, but also afraid.The fun of childhood is nothing more than a group of children around the elderly, listening to their stories.For example, the goblins in the mountains, cultivated into a human form, to play in the world.For example, the old objects in the house, contaminated with fireworks, unreal into human.When talking about a scary place, people will grab the arm of the person next to them, as if this will give them strength.The question we thought about most at the time, is it true that people and monsters can’t coexist peacefully?There really is.Zhang Yun, a “monster investigator”, uses a village of people in the Tang Dynasty to construct a modern utopia in his book “Making demons”.This is a notebook novel set in the Tang Dynasty. It tells the story of 100 monsters in the traditional style of writing.In the cross slope this place, man and demon born between heaven and earth.We learn to live with the world and with ourselves by reading these stories.The author of this book is Zhang Yun, a writer, journalist and screenwriter.Since the number “god search hall Lord”, like strange wild history, folk strange talk, demon as life also timid afraid of ghost.Published works: Chinese Monster science series — Chinese Monster Stories (Complete Works), etc.2 Making a Demon follows the traditional Chinese writing technique of zhi Ren, zhi qi and strange people, and is composed of 100 interconnected stories. It is the Tang Dynasty version of Strange Stories from a Chinese studio.After reading this book, I think there are three points worth recommending.There are many stories about animals in this book.For example, Wang Buchou and the old donkey, Liu abductor and the old ox and so on.Like this old donkey, old ox, usually work hard.When they were too old to work, they were sent to butchers to be killed.There seems to be nothing wrong with that.But, on second thought, it doesn’t seem right.The author uses another way to tell us that if people treat animals well, animals will also know how to repay their kindness.With his skin, the old donkey saved the king’s life and helped him get a wife.The old cow told liu kidnapper that there was gold and silver buried behind the earth temple and told him to take a hoe to dig.Animals are spiritual, the years will become a demon, they are better than people get along.Two, and the demon love and demon can be together?When we were young, the story we heard most was xu Xian and Lady White.Two people live well together, but was broken up by the meddlesque Law sea.Fa Hai, the monk, is simply a synonym for bad people in our childhood.In the cross slope there are a lot of people and the demon married children story, we have long seen strange.For example, Gao Daochang and reed flower essence, small Gao Daochang and spring siniang, Zhang Daoist and Xiao Nanshuang.Isn’t it true that these taoists are not serious these days?These stories tell us that love is not limited to species, whether human or demon, can have good results.Three, the chivalrous cross slope in the 100 stories, I am most impressed by the master Cen Shiyuan and Kang Kunlun.Cen Shiyuan, a lifetime of pride, as an official uncorrupted, retired back to the Cross slope pension.In order to save the cross slope eighty-nine people, the Don was killed by a horse thief, eighty-nine wounds all over.Cen Shiyuan and his rebuilt brick tower, saved the residents of the Cross slope.Kangkunlun, this is a bandit chief.These robbers are very interesting. They come to cross Slope every month for autumn wind.Every time Kang Kunlun heists, he trades stories.Therefore, the cross slope people every month, are looking forward to Kang Kunlun to rob.When The plague hit Shiipo and there was no money to buy medicine, Kang Kunlun sent twenty or thirty large silver ingots to Shiipo and saved the lives of people in more than ten counties.Three “make demon” this book, character image plump unique, humorous story.Through the story between the cross Slope people and the demon, we can feel a kind of harmonious coexistence of people and the demon scene.Zhang Yun’s works are related to each other.If you are interested, you can come and have a look.How to get along with others is our biggest headache.How to get along with ourselves is a problem we often ignore.I hope this book can teach us how to heal our wounded hearts with stories.I am from Jack Town, home of Confucius and Mencius. I love to share books and be an interesting independent reading promoter.Welcome to follow me like, we communicate together.