Force fan Wei, scold cry Yan Xuejing, zhao Benshan after all how many people cold heart?

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As the originator of the sketch industry, Zhao Benshan is a household name, no one knows.Each CCTV stage will have his figure, leaving one after another wonderful works, at the same time, Zhao Benshan also began to develop other fields, also received a lot of apprentices to carry on the mantle.At the beginning, these apprentices learned with the heart of learning from teachers, and they also got a lot of performance opportunities and became more and more famous. However, after a long time, they would find that there was still a big trick in this process. After a long time of accumulation, it finally broke out, resulting in the teacher and apprentice becoming strangers.In his early years, Zhao quickly won a great reputation in the sketch industry with his talent.After Zhao benshan became popular, many people wanted to gain zhao Benshan’s appreciation, hoping to learn more experience from Zhao Benshan, fan Wei is one of them.Fan Wei, a boy from a good background, likes performing very much since he was a child and has been looking for the opportunity to perform.After much effort, he got in touch with Zhao Benshan.Although there are many accidents in this process, but Zhao Benshan and Fan Wei launched the first cooperation.Since then, the two have become good partners, performing works together that audiences love.Fan Wei’s reputation is also getting higher and higher, but the return on his hands is pitiful. Anyone with a clear eye knows what is going on.Although fan Wei knows in the heart, but still choose silence, only this time has produced very big estrangement between two people.His family needs expenditure, the family needs Fan Wei to feed, gradually Fan Wei begins to seek another way out, until encountered Feng Xiaogang, finally ushered in the day of the day.Although Zhao benshan was not satisfied with Fan Wei’s behavior and thought he was ungrateful, he even slandered Fan Wei in public places. At this time, Fan Wei had a clear view of the other party and simply cut off contact and left Zhao Benshan.It can be said that interest can make people lose themselves, even if the other party is a celebrity.Zhao Benshan in order to make himself get more benefits, everywhere to attract talent.There is nothing inherently wrong with recruiting talent, but poaching talent from apprentices is a bit immoral.Yan Xuejing was an ordinary errenzhuan actor before she accepted Zhao Benshan as her teacher, because her husband is the boss of errenzhuan, and there are naturally many actors under her, just like Xiao Shenyang.To Yan xuejing’s surprise, the apprentice she and her husband had trained for years was poached by her master.So their errenzhuan stage lost support, slowly closed down.Not only that, Zhao benshan also scolded Yan xuejing and cried in front of many people.The scolding was very harsh, and quite brutal.Robbing apprentices, secretly taking money from apprentices, and scolding others in public are unworthy of a master.Yan xuejing once publicly said that feng Gong was his patron, without mentioning Zhao Benshan, perhaps this is the reason why the conflict between the two later intensified.Since then, the two have no contact and never appeared on the same stage.It can be found from the departure of Zhao Benshan’s apprentices that zhao Benshan has always had the problem of uneven distribution, which led to the apprentices not getting their due remuneration, and even restricted their development, and finally began to seek their own livelihood.In addition, Zhao benshan’s behavior does not stop there, even spread to others, whenever their own interests are threatened to attack.This happens in virtually every industry, not just this one.Some people even sell themselves, some even sell their friends. As long as they can achieve their own goals, they will do whatever it takes. This also leads to different views on interests.How many people’s hearts did Zhao Benshan chill?Zhao for his disciples too strict, his disciples performing, but can not get the return, nature is very chilling, in turn, a look at zhao4 ben3 shan is making himself a lot, so formed the sharp contrast, in any one person are disgruntled, will inevitably lead to many disciples left.In the face of the disciples one by one to fly alone, some even achieved very good results, compared to now is an old man Zhao Benshan’s heart will be a little touched, just do not know whether he will reflect on himself, whether in the heart with those who left secretly apologized.Although one has done a good job in his career, but he has not won the trust of his apprentices, which is a kind of management failure.Therefore, no matter what industry we are in, there are competition rules. Only by following this rule can we continue to survive. Once we violate the survival rules, we will face the end of elimination, which is doomed.Zhao Benshan is very unfair in terms of interests, so that one and another apprentices have left him, which is his own end.The departure of his disciples is the best way to prove that Zhao benshan’s management mistakes led to such a choice.Therefore, in the enterprise, in the talent management, only let everyone’s efforts can get due returns, can continue to retain talent, otherwise everything is empty talk.Once the rights and interests of talents are threatened, there will be strong conflicts over time, and everyone’s departure is an inevitable event.The departure of apprentices is bound to lead to doubts in the hearts of other apprentices, who will also discover the secret, and it is only a matter of time before they leave.Conclusion Although Zhao Benshan was a famous big name, he failed in the management of his apprentices. He thought too much about his own interests and did not fully consider the rights and interests of his apprentices, which made everyone feel cold to his master. This is a very failure case, and in the end he had to blame everything and everyone.In fact, a person’s success is not success, only lead everyone to success is true, we find the way to success together in happiness, mutual benefit and mutual win is the best situation, this is the most important.