Kindergarten parent-teacher conference theme

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First, the theme of kindergarten warm parents meeting is: breeding seedlings, contributing to long;Be grateful encounter all hope;New ideas, new ideas, common progress;Take care of the earth;Afforestation, create a better home;Strengthen parent-child interaction, leaving a beautiful childhood;Home school hand in hand, nurture the future flowers of the motherland;Dare to express, good at expression, let life full of love;Love the motherland, love the people, we are all Chinese;Brave Niu Niu is not afraid of difficulties, and strive forward;Not afraid of failure, afraid to retreat;Education by heart inspires intelligence.1. What is the process of holding kindergarten parents’ meeting?(1) Before holding the parents’ meeting, distribute questionnaires, make statistics and understand what parents need.(2) Make invitations and sincerely invite every parent.(3) Welcome the arrival of parents and let them sign in.(4) Watch the photos and videos taken by the children in the kindergarten to understand the children’s life in the kindergarten.(5) The head teacher of each class opened the speech and gave a warm welcome to all the parents.(6) Summarize the work of the class.(7) The representative of the parents’ meeting spoke.(8) Carry out parent-child interactive games.2. What should we pay attention to when holding kindergarten parents’ meeting?(1) Invite the parents of the class in advance.(2) Determine the theme of the parents’ meeting and prepare the materials to be used in advance.Such as: parents sign – in form, parents club use PPT.(3) Publicly praise those who have done well;Do not do well, implicit criticism, and tactfully put forward suggestions.(4) Leave enough time and be good at communicating with parents.