Li Yingying attack unpredictable, CAI Bin study for many years is still unable to suppress, get reuse of course

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In the 2016-2017 women’s Volleyball League, Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, led by CAI Bin, won the first league title in the team’s history.This milestone achievement undoubtedly inspired jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, and then won the national Games in Tianjin.The Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, with the double champion and body, is naturally full of ambition and high spirit, and the grand project of creating a dynasty of Jiangsu women’s volleyball is quietly carried out.However, in the following season, Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team was reversed by Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team, which was widely disliked by the outside world, and lost half of its confidence in establishing the dynasty.Explaining the unplanned defeat, CAI bin said: “The blocking of Li Yingying, I think it’s not just the jiangsu team.Other teams also know to focus on Guarding Li yingying.She is a very capable player. I think it is very gratifying to have such a talented player. It is good for The Chinese women’s volleyball team.”Zhang Changning, captain of the team, said, li yingying’s attack was very strong, and our own preparations were not sufficient.It is not difficult to see from the two people’s speech, whether CAI Bin or Zhang Changning have confirmed li Yingying’s offensive ability, at the same time, CAI Bin also thinks Li Yingying will be the focus of the team in the future.It’s impossible to know if other teams have studied how to block Li since then, but CAI bin certainly hasn’t given up studying how to block Li.This is not only because CAI Bin is a person with a high and proud heart, the goal of single-minded pursuit is the champion.It is also because jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team has the dream of creating a dynasty of Jiangsu women’s volleyball.However, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team is just like a mountain on the way of jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team winning the gold medal. No matter what goal we achieve, we need to surpass Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team first.The only way to get past Tianjin was to contain Li yingying’s attack.It is well known that Li Yingying has been known for her attacking power since her debut, and even for being the best player in the domestic competition.However, some people were not willing to accept this fact, saying that it was because teams were unfamiliar with Li’s left hand attack and that li would be dishevelled once they got used to it.This seems to coincide with CAI bin’s desire to restrain Li Yingying’s attack, but the difference is that CAI Bin, as a professional, knows this is not easy.CAI bin did not find it easy to restrain Li Yingying, not because of the nature of Li yingying’s left hand attack, but because li yingying’s attack is unpredictable.Not only the technique of spiking changeful, buckle, wipe, poke, hanging handy, and spiking line differentiation, straight line, two straight lines, big slash, small slash line is more familiar.In addition, Li Yingying can also observe the opponent’s defensive position and blocking hand state when spiking the ball, so that the opponent is difficult to defend, it is difficult to arrange an effective blocking system.From a blow to the confidence of the jiangsu women’s volleyball team create a dynasty began, has left the jiangsu women’s volleyball team to be in China during the women’s volleyball coach, jiangsu women’s volleyball team in tianjin women’s volleyball league semi-final once, in the final twice in the tianjin women’s volleyball team, the national games in the final in tianjin women’s volleyball team a while in the jiangsu women’s volleyball team in final phase four outings.This result is enough to show that CAI Bin did not find an effective way to restrain Li Yingying in these years, it can also be said that Li Yingying let the heart of the proud CAI Bin suffered.Just because CAI Bin didn’t find a way to restrain Li Yingying doesn’t mean he didn’t try.This point can be seen in the 2020-2021 women’s volleyball league when CAI Bin set up a net blocking.However, CAI Bin for Li Yingying has been improving at the same time, Li Yingying’s own growth is also continuing, and eventually CAI Bin’s speed of improving the defense has not been able to catch up with Li Yingying’s growth rate.However, CAI Bin is not without gains, at least under the premise of years of in-depth research, CAI Bin is the most understanding of Li Yingying’s offensive ability, and even can be said to be the most convincing.Now CAI Bin as China women’s volleyball coach, of course will reuse Li Yingying.