M5 incarnate mobile intelligence terminal

2022-04-28 0 By

In 2021, as the first year of dual carbon, the sales of new energy vehicles also gradually open the situation, the latest forecast of China Automobile Association, the sales of new energy vehicles in 2021 will reach 3.4 million, and the sales of New energy vehicles in China in 2022 is expected to reach 5 million.Many people are full of expectations for the blockbuster new car. At the end of last year, Cyrus released the first model of AITO to ask the world M5. What surprises this model will bring to us in the New Year?As we all know, although pure electric vehicle performance is strong, but the problem of charging anxiety and endurance has been lingering in the minds of consumers, AITO ask M5 based on pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I) to build, the integrated intelligent generator set, drive technology, battery PACK, intelligent control technology optimization and integration.Among them, The 1.5T four-cylinder extender specially built by Cyrus for the range extension system has a compression ratio of up to 15:1, and has 41% ultra-high thermal efficiency, and the conversion rate of oil and electricity can reach 3.2kW·h/L, 20% higher than the industry average, which also allows AITO ask the world M5 WLTC range of more than 1100 km, and as a daily commuter car,The 40kW· H battery pack carried by AITO M5 has a range of 150 km under WLTC conditions, and it only takes 45 minutes to increase the power from 20% to 80% after fast charging. In addition, the flexible energy supplement method makes this car completely say no to the endurance and charging anxiety.Meanwhile, AITO M5 is the first model to be equipped with the new Huawei HarmonyOS smart cabin.The HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit Bridges the information gap between different devices, making the vehicle no longer an island, but a hyperterminal that seamlessly flows with people, phones, smart homes, smartwatches, and more.As a new energy vehicle, AITO M5 retains HarmonyOS ‘UX design essence from Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets. It is as smooth as a mobile phone, reinventing the way people interact with cars in the era of smart cars while maintaining driving safety and operational efficiency.Hongmeng vehicle engine system can achieve a maximum of 60 seconds of continuous dialogue, without fear of interrupting and invalid instructions and other vehicle engine system immediately opened the gap, can be a sentence to arrange two tasks, can also recognize the autonomous driving, co-driver, rear command.With HarmonyOS’s distributed technology, we can simply bring a Huawei watch or a Huawei phone and enter the vehicle.In addition, many black technology functions help M5 to create smart space, such as Carlog car life record magic device, car sense payment and other creative functions, these functions let AITO M5 successfully avatar mobile wisdom terminal.As the first product combining SiRIS ‘strong independent research and development capabilities and intelligent manufacturing capabilities, as well as Huawei’s leading technology in the ICT industry, AITO M5 will not only bring intelligent travel experience with high intelligence, excellent performance and ultra-long battery life to users, but also enable SiRIS to fight in the high-end market of new energy.It is a milestone step in creating a better vision of smart mobile life.