Notification of the second batch of places with inadequate implementation of epidemic prevention and control responsibilities in Zhengzhou

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According to the city’s epidemic prevention and control work deployment, Zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters and the competent departments of all industries have continued to supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control responsibilities in key places under their jurisdiction in the manner of “four no and two straight”. Now, the second batch of problem places (26) that are not standardized and not in place are reported.1. The measures of scanning code, measuring temperature and wearing masks at several entrances of Zhongyuan Commercial Trade City in Central Region are not fully implemented.2. Kangaroo Inn Hotel in Huiji District does not take measures to measure the temperature of customers entering.3. The measures of code scanning, temperature measurement and mask wearing at the convenient point of Gongzhai in Huiji District (northwest corner of the intersection of Luyuan Road and Tianhe Road) are not in place.4. Huiji district ancient Ying market (River Road ancient Ying Town Street) sweep code, temperature measurement, wearing masks measures are not in place.5. The measures of code scanning, temperature measurement and mask wearing in The Farmers’ Supermarket of Fengqing Road, Jinshui District (near the intersection of Mingda Road, Fengqing Road) are not in place.6. Jinshui District Henan Agricultural Products Consumption Assistance Exhibition and Sales Center (in Fengle Square at the intersection of Fengle Road and Yuejin Road) has not implemented the measures of code scanning, temperature measurement and mask wearing in place.7. The Kingdom Convenience Store in Dengfeng city is not equipped with temperature detection facilities, and the code scanning and temperature measurement measures in Shangshuihui Tangquan Foot Bath store in Gulu Street are not in place.8. Xingyang Small headed bath shop staff wearing masks is not standard.9. In Jinshui District New Century Farmers’ Market (intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and South Guangdian Road), measures of code scanning, temperature measurement and mask wearing are not fully implemented.10. Drivers of taxi YuADT6890, YuADT7817, YuADT9556, YuADT5693, and YuADT5755 do not wear masks correctly as required during the passenger transport;Yuad31486, YuADX5566 and YuAD32887 did not remind passengers to wear masks as required.11. Some workers at the site of mingli Road, Hongyuan Road and Lianhuo High-speed separated interchange did not wear masks, and the registration of floating people was not perfect.12. It is not standard for passengers to wear masks in the waiting area of the South Passenger Station, some passengers in the North Bus Station do not wear masks when entering the station, some drivers in the East bus Station do not wear masks on the bus, and the distance between passengers in the ticket purchasing area of the West bus Station is not strictly defined as one meter apart.13. Hongshilin Scenic Spot of Yunshang Pasture in Xinmi city failed to check the health code and travel code of personnel entering the site according to relevant regulations, and the code scanning site was in disorder.14. There is no epidemic prevention and control supervisor in Guancheng District Peak Internet Service Co., LTD., no nucleic acid test record of the staff, and most of the people present do not wear masks.15. Buflounu Internet Service Co., Ltd. of Erqi District repeatedly found that Internet users did not wear masks, the wearing of masks was not standardized, and smoking in the stadium, but still failed to rectify the problems after repeated urging.16. Some Internet users in Longqi Internet Cafe in Zhongyuan District did not wear masks as required, and the management staff did not have nucleic acid test reports.17. The ten stores directly operated by Shanda Internet Service Co., Ltd. in Zhengdong New Area have no personnel on duty, and nearly half of the Internet users do not wear masks and are not reminded.On March 14, the inspectors ordered it to stop business for rectification, and could not operate until it passed the inspection. On March 15, the site did not conduct unauthorized business without inspection.18. There were no nucleic acid test reports for several staff members of Jinshui Yuchang Partner Culture Communication Co., LTD., the environment in the site was chaotic, and no systems for fire safety and epidemic prevention and control were established.19. Zhongmou County Tai ‘an Street Yangzi barbecue copper pot shabu restaurant scanning code, temperature measurement measures are not in place.1. The staff of Xingyang Xiaozhou Bath Shop did not implement the weekly nucleic acid testing requirements as required.2. Some drivers of Zhengzhou Public Transport Group Co., LTD., Zhenghan Taxi Co., LTD., Zhongyuan Automobile Trade taxi, long-distance bus station of Zhengzhou East Railway Station and some drivers and passengers of Zhengzhou East Railway Station of Subway Line 1 and Subway Line 5 failed to implement weekly nucleic acid testing requirements as required.3. Xinxiang Road store and Jinhua Road store of Zhang Zhongjing Pharmacy in Upper Block failed to implement weekly nucleic acid testing requirements as required.4. Employees of Changjiang E-sports and Red Dancing Shoes children’s body dance education in Zhengdong New District did not take nucleic acid tests as required.1. The organizational structure of JinXiaohui Clinic for epidemic prevention and control in Xinmi was not sound;The site disinfection is not standardized, and the annual disinfection and sterilization effect monitoring has not been carried out.2. Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (Jinshui District Campus) did not conduct centralized isolation control for secondary contact students, and the communication between the school and the community was not smooth.3. Jinna Greenland Hotel in Guancheng District did not establish an organizational structure for epidemic prevention and control, nor did it set up a leading group.Zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, continue to consolidate the “four-party responsibility”, and strictly deal with the hidden problems found in the inspection and rectification of the units that are not in place according to relevant regulations, and firmly control the safety of epidemic prevention and control.Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters calls on all key places to further enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job of code checking, temperature measurement, wearing masks, limiting flow and other prevention and control measures, and implement all epidemic prevention and control measures in emergency situations.We also call on the public to wear masks when traveling, avoid gathering activities, and cooperate with public areas in epidemic prevention and control, such as temperature measurement and double-code inspection, to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, March 17, 2022 Edited by Yong Dong