People sitting at home, telecommunications floating outside the sky

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It is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation to pay New Year’s greetings, which has a history of thousands of years.Today, there have been many changes in the form of inheritance.In ancient times, the Spring Festival was the start of Spring.The first day of the first lunar month is designated as the Spring Festival, which is said to have been decided by Yuan Shikai.In ancient times, the Chinese New Year, in order to express respect to elders, teachers, friends, people choose to pay a New Year’s visit, you need to saddle horse fatigue, or walking, so, when the New Year’s visit incidentally in each other’s home to drink a little wine to eat a simple meal is very normal, and may even live for a few days.New Year’s greetings become a reason to see, such a party, a lot of impromptu work is passed down through friends of poetry.A few decades ago, when people go out to pay New Year’s greetings during the Spring Festival, the near choice is to walk, the far choice is to ride a car, or is to ride a bicycle, a motorcycle, although it is convenient, there are some far way, it is hard to avoid the suspicion of ceng rice.However, compared with ancient times, no matter the road, or the way of travel, can be much more convenient.A few years ago, with the original mobile phone, in addition to personally visit the New Year, began to pop up the information big New Year.New Year’s Eve or The Spring Festival this day, to prepare their own good wishes, congratulatory words, stored in the mobile phone, sent to relatives and friends.This New Year, both expressed their own mind, and to achieve the purpose of New Year, can be said to be convenient and simple, is very popular for a few years.However, with the continuous upgrading of mobile phones, followed by wechat circle and circle of friends, can be said to be a machine in hand, the world I have.During the Spring Festival, people can pay a group visit through wechat circle and circle of friends. A wechat or video can express their best wishes to many people.Can also through the video, in the way of video dialogue, to express their respect, so across the screen face to face, can be said to be both voice and face, every twinkle and smile, and two people meet respectively is really not big, this is the power of science and technology.