Serialized One-eyed Half-Saint chapter 2 first entry into the Clan

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Half a month passed in a twinkling.Qi Ren wearing a carriage came to qi Strong doorway Shouting: “eldest brother, you this is why ah, since you gave birth to nephew, has been hiding not to see me, if it weren’t for me to write to you, want to let nephew into the Xuantian Zong, you are not going to hide me for a lifetime.”Since know son has abnormal person, Qi Lie so many years is really very rare person.Hearing the cry, the Saiyu family came out.Should say last night already said a night, sum up a few words, low-key, do not let others see Qiyu eyes, do not expose too much talent.The brothers Qi Ren and Qi Lie had not seen each other for ten years.Qi Ren said, “Brother, what happened to my nephew’s eye? He was hurt or blind.”Qi Lie sighed and said, “Smelly boy, when I was young, I was very naughty. I was blind when I climbed a tree.”Qi Ren felt a little sad and said, “Don’t worry, it is not impossible for the eyes to see again in the fairy. I will find the right medicine to cure my nephew’s eyes.”They talked for a while. Qi Ren looked up at the sky and said, “Eldest brother and sister-in-law, it’s getting late. Otherwise, we’ll go first.Qi shi pulled Qi Yu with tears in his eyes and said, “Yu ‘er, be careful when you go out. If you have to, come back. This is your home forever.”The three members of the family took a hasty farewell. Saiyu got on the car and followed his uncle out.Qiyu was also very uncomfortable. It was the first time for her to go out, and she did not know whether people in the world were easy to get along with.In the car, Qiyu asked tentatively: “Uncle, do you think these immortal practitioners are easy to get along with?”Qi Ren thought for a while and said, “Most of them are withdrawn and may be isolated for a long time. Most of them are distorted in character and kill people if they don’t agree with each other. They worship the law of the jungle.Qi Ren looked at Qi Yu: “Feather son, you don’t have to worry too much, xuan Tian school is one of the right way, I have done the herb business with them for several years, is not unreasonable school door.”Saiba said nothing, thinking, “The world is so dangerous. I should be more careful in the future. After all, I am carrying a double pupil.”He does not have the spirit force now, but has the heavy pupil already lets the photographic memory not forget, see very far, later had the spirit force, do not know still can develop a few what skill, he believes his heavy pupil is absolutely not simple.Thousands of kilometers road, two people spent half a month to finally come to the Xuantian Zong.There was already a long line at the registration office for recruiting disciples in front of the School.Qi Ren pointed to the queue to Qi Yu said: “Feather son, there is the registration, you follow them to line up, the rest can only see you, I can only wait for you outside the door, no matter you have entered the door, I will wait for you outside the door.””Ok, second uncle, you wait for my news at the door,” saiba said and walked over.Qiyu looked at the long dragon, so many people, the sun so bask, when to row to their own.In order to xiuxian, Qiyu did not say anything, silently walked to the end, although there are many people, but the efficiency is very fast, everyone is to touch the lingshi, there are colors on the registration name birthplace, there is no color on the next person.Responsible for the test of the door elders xuanling son busy, appear color will shout a.”Shui Ling root, good, good, this is a rare heaven ling root, over there registration”.Xuan Lingzi say that finish, to a girl pointed to the place that register.”No ringroot, next.”There are too many people, occasionally appear a best ling root, xuan Ling son did not happy too long on the busy.After waiting for a long time, it was finally The turn of Qiyu to test, Qiyu was a little nervous, and did not know whether he had lingroot, his lingroot is good, what messy questions all appeared in His mind.”Five elements of miscellaneous spirit root?”Looking at the measuring stone, there are five colors, xuanlingzi said.”Go over there and register.” As long as you have a spiritual root, you are qualified to register. After all, the chance of a human being appearing as a spiritual root is too low.Qiyu did not know what zaleingen was, so he asked him to register and went over.”Name, native place,” the foreigner who registered his name said impatiently.”Qiyu, Yunzhou, Kaliu Village,” said Qiyu honestly.”Take the token and go over there and wait for the elders to choose.” After the registration, the disciple from the outer door gave Saiyu a token and said to him.He took the order and put it in his hand. He quickly stepped aside and quietly felt the order with his hand. On the front was written “Xuan Tian Zong” and on the back was written “Qi Yu”.After waiting for an hour, an old man came and looked at the registered disciples and asked, “How is the harvest today? How many good seedlings are there?”After making the ceremony, the disciple hurriedly stood up and said, “Master Sun, there are ten heavenly roots, five mutant roots and five miscellaneous roots registered in the book.”Old man Sun frowned and said leisurely, “Why are there so few good children this year?””Worth while, the old man has no time to wait now, call five miscellaneous linggen, I want to choose one to send over to my sister, sister there recently need a handyman”, old man Sun impatiently said.The disciples of the outer door repeatedly answered yes, and then shouted to the five Qiyu people, “Hey, you five miscellaneous spirits, come here for a moment. Master Sun has something to say.”The Five Saiba men came over.Sun took a look at them carefully. Four of them were handsome and unusual, and Only Saiyu had an ordinary appearance. There was a patch tied to his left eye, which made him feel strange.Old man Sun heart a happy, he, shimei is like a fairy, if every day and a handsome man, how can he rest assured.This one-eyed dragon looks so ugly, the taste of shimei should not be so heavy.In fact, old Man Sun is not old, but when he was young, there was something wrong with his training skills, which made him grow old quickly. He always admired his teacher sister, but after he became old, he dared not say it.Sullenly, Old Sun said to Saiyu, “Boy, it’s just you. Say goodbye to your family and come with me to Yunvfeng in an hour.”Qiyu was overjoyed and ran to say goodbye to his second uncle.”Two uncle, I have been income xuan day zong, immediately will go to the jade female peak, you see, this is my token,” said also did not forget to show the token to two uncle.Qi Ren also don’t know Qi Yu is to do chores to yunvfeng, ordered a few words, let him take care of the fairy, don’t miss home…….Saying goodbye to his uncle, Qiyu found Old Man Sun.Old man Sun said nothing, with qiyu imperial sword fly to jade peak.