The NX400h+, the next chapter of lexus’s brand

2022-04-28 0 By

The new generation Of Lexus NX is built based on the latest TNGA platform, and the appearance design is more close to LS. The vehicle texture has been improved, and the interior has also changed greatly, with a full sense of technology, which is more attractive to young people.In terms of size, compared with Audi Q3, BMW X1, Audi Q3, size or slight advantage.And in this market background, the new generation of Lexus NX launched again, the new car is not only in the appearance design more avant-garde fashion, but also in the power performance is still strong.In the interior, the new Lexus NX also does not change much, the overall layout is simple, clear hierarchy, suspension control screen support Baidu Carlife and Apple Carplay, very technological sense.The interior isn’t built overnight, and Lexus is there to make you feel calm and secure.The layout of the car is simple and generous, the sense of layering is more prominent, and the details are unique.Finally, we talk about driving experience, which is also the most important part. After all, we buy a car in addition to commuting, or to go out of a long distance, so we first consider the acceleration problem.And when it needs more power to overtake, it will be more adept at overtaking, with a light foot on the accelerator.Secondly, when driving at high speed, only need to step on the accelerator can easily speed up to overtake.In terms of handling, the Steering wheel on the Lexus NX is accurate and flexible, and even in corners it is stable enough to handle with ease and perform as well on the road as it should.This car is very easy to drive, steering accurate, acceleration, turn, turn agile, high chassis, tires are very good grasp of the ground, stable at high speeds.When in sport mode, the suspension becomes stiffer to improve the stability of the vehicle at high speeds.On hybrid models, the fuel consumption of 100km is only about 6.0L, and one tank of fuel easily breaks 1200km, which is rare in Japanese cars.This will not only effectively reduce the formation of carbon deposition, avoid the emergence of “rod” situation, but also lower fuel consumption, the minimum fuel consumption of only 6.0L/100km, than most compact family SUV fuel economy.In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 6.0L, which can be said to be very fuel-efficient.In terms of fuel costs, the Lexus NX can run at 10,000 km/year.The car’s 100 km fuel consumption in 6.0L, such fuel consumption for a medium-sized SUV, or very good.In terms of fuel consumption, the NX won’t be as high as most competing models, thanks to its high fuel efficiency.