The service center for senior cadres of the District Party Committee has mobilized and arranged the activity of “Promoting competence and Style year”

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement the central committee’s decisions and arrangements on style construction and the relevant requirements of the provincial Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and the District Party Committee, and better encourage cadres and staff to take the lead, set an example and take responsibility, on March 24, the Service center for the veteran cadres of Hekou District Party Committee held a mobilization meeting for “The Year of Improving Ability and Style”.At the meeting, the implementation plan of the “Ability and Style Improvement Year” activity of the Service Center for Veteran Cadres of the District Party Committee was read out, and the mobilization and deployment were made for further promoting the “Ability and Style Improvement Year” activity and doing solid work in 2022.Improving the work style and ability is a concrete action to implement Xi Jinping’s important instructions and requirements, and a realistic need to promote high-quality transformation and development of the work of senior cadres in the new era, the meeting said.We should fully understand the importance, necessity and urgency of carrying out this activity, and in accordance with the work style of “strict, real, detailed, real and quick”, we should focus on solving problems such as poor standing, poor ability, poor responsibility, and inaccurate work style, so as to build model organs that “reassure the Party and satisfy veteran cadres”.The meeting stressed stressing political leadership, absolute loyalty and firm conviction.We should give prominence to the overall situation of service, achieve innovation and practical work, and strive for first-class work. In accordance with the goal of “world vision, first-class standards, and estuary characteristics”, we should guide the cadres and staff to be the leader of the tide, strive to be the first, and continuously promote the first-class and advanced work.We should focus on improving the quality and efficiency of our work, take a proactive position, plan carefully, and implement the “ten tree prisons and ten opposition” policy. We should guide cadres and workers to make in-depth plans, focus on the actual work, and strictly enforce the requirements.We should focus on improving our capabilities, be smart, competent, and take responsibility for our work, and strive to build a contingent of veteran officials who are able to think, write, speak, and work.The meeting called on all cadres and workers to set an example in speaking of politics, strengthen their political awareness, grasp the overall situation politically, and think and plan problems politically.To be a good example of quality, more research, more thinking, proficient in policy and memorize in mind, and strive to improve the comprehensive quality and ability;To be a brave first-class example, work to a high standard, strict requirements, to do “my hand without error, my hand, please rest assured”;We should set an example of systematic thinking and set up the idea of “one game of chess”. We should learn to stand in the overall situation, make overall plans and take into account, and grasp the key points well to know and practice.It is necessary to set an example for innovation and breakthrough, enhance innovation ability, and do a good job in innovation of veteran cadres according to the actual situation of Hekou district.