Emperor Jiajing’s night of horror

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In the 21st year of Jiajing, the Emperor had thoroughly mastered the power of The Ming Dynasty through the great Ceremony.Unshackled, he began to run amok.Jiajing addicted to Taoism xiuxian, from he gave himself to add the number can be seen, from the earliest “Ling Xiao qing Lei Yuanyang wonderful a flying Xuanzhen Jun”, plus for “nine days hongjiao Puji life Yin and Yang merit avenue thought benevolence purple extreme fairy Weng Yiyang real Yuan imaginary should be enlightened demon loyal filial emperor”,After the number is “too on daluo Tianxian purple extremely changsheng Sheng Zhi Zhaoling tong Yuan card should jade virtual total palm five lei big real xuan wan Shou Emperor.”Had to admire Jiajing xiuxian will, these names are not written down, do not know jiajing introduce their own road number will not smooth.Ancient immortal not only to practice, but also eat elixir, in order to get twice the result with half the effort.But most of the substances in these elixir are heavy metals.You think, this thing for a long time to eat, must be very harmful to the human body.It also caused jiajing’s temper was extremely fierce, and even the first wife, Queen Chen, who was pregnant, fell ill and died.Not to mention the rest of the palace, the rest of the palace in his eyes as ants.Convinced by tao Zhongwen’s theory of “eating wind and drinking dew”, Jia Jing ordered his men to plant plantains in the palace and eat the dew on them every morning.Every day, the eunuch led the maids waiting in the banana tree, to collect the morning dew jiajing, unbearable suffering.A large number of maidens fell ill due to lack of sleep and overwork.Whenever this time, Jiajing would angrily scold the palace maids, and even killed as many as 200 people.For a while, people in the palace feel insecure, and work all day long, many people will be resentful read.Headed by a person Yang Jinying series of more than a dozen people, ready to persecutors their own Jiajing emperor killed.We’re not going anywhere, so we might as well have a cushion.Jiajing in bestowed favor Cao Duan princess bedroom sleep, headed by jin-ying Yang emperor jiajing of the ladies-in-waiting while sleeping, creeping into his bedroom, and they hold the emperor jiajing, with a rope in his neck, but as a result of tension maid-in-waiting tied the rope is hard, can’t closed tight, have not been able to choke jiajing some panic at all.One of the maid-in-waiting was afraid and ran out to report to the queen, who immediately led someone to rescue her.Jiajing was already in a coma, and the imperial doctor came to her rescue in time.But because of his injury, he could not speak, so he left the matter to the queen.All the maids of honor were raped, and even Imperial Concubine Cao Duan was falsely accused by the empress and finally died in vain.After this matter, Jiajing did not reflect on why he was this disaster, but more superstitious, he thought he could survive is god’s blessing, from then on the road to the immortal all the way.This happened in the 21st year of Jiajing, the year of Renyin, known as the “Renyin Palace Change”.This change was an action of the maidens to resist tyranny. Although it failed, it also showed a noble spirit of resistance.