Gansu Tianshui Qin ‘an county police doctors join forces to usher in new life on the ice road

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A pregnant woman in Tianshui, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, is trapped on her way to a hospital after a heavy snowfall on Feb. 6.After receiving the masses for help, the police station under the jurisdiction of the snow doctors received pregnant women, trapped in the car to meet the birth of new life, mother and child peace.In the snow and ice, the relay of life warmed people’s hearts.On the morning of 10 when 30, tianshui lotus qinan county public security bureau police station received a county bureau command center, according to the instructions in qinan lotus lotus town in qiushui fruit village to town on the way, a heavily pregnant women on the way to the hospital, road vehicles can’t travel was trapped by the heavy snowfall, 120 ambulance for road snow can’t get there in time, be badly in need of relief.At this time, due to the impact of successive days of strong snow, heavy snow on the road, the heaviest snow on the road reached more than 30 cm, and the snow weather is still continuing, the vehicle is very difficult to drive.Warning is command, time is life.After receiving the alarm, lianhua police station immediately organized civilian auxiliary police to rescue, but due to the heavy snow blocked the road, police station tires skid, difficult to drive safely.The police contact family members, that the child is about to be born, the situation is very critical, police Sun Lei side contact lotus health hospital on duty doctors, while looking for a high safety performance of private suv, in the lotus health hospital will be on duty after the doctor quickly drove to qiuguo village direction.The rescue team, composed of police and medical staff, met the pregnant woman, who was about to give birth and the situation was very urgent. The medical staff immediately decided to deliver the baby in the car.11:25, the newborn a loud cry from the car, the pregnant woman smoothly gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child safety.As the car conditions are simple, low temperature, police in accordance with the requirements of the medical staff, immediately drove to escort pregnant women and babies to qin ‘an County Lianhua Town health center, in order to take follow-up treatment and nursing measures.On the way, I found that the road to Qin ‘an was seriously icy. For safety, the police escorted the mother and child to the people’s Hospital of Zhuanglang County in pingliang City for further observation with the consent of the family members.Both mother and baby are doing well and in stable condition.Riverrun News correspondent Chen Dongqiang reporter Wang Lanfang