Karma is coming!Just as the US aircraft carrier was flexing its muscles in the South China Sea, an F-35 fighter jet crashed while landing

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According to huanqiu.com, the US aircraft carrier just showed off its military prowess in the South China Sea, but the retribution came soon after, as an F-35 fighter jet had a safety accident while landing.No one was killed as the pilot ejected, but seven people were injured in the end, though all are in relatively stable condition.Recently, the US aircraft carrier has conducted frequent and rarely large-scale activities in the South China Sea. In addition, the US aircraft carrier also conducted joint military exercises with the Japanese aircraft carrier in the Waters of the Philippines. The fundamental purpose of these activities is only one: to create military deterrence against China.Warnings to the US have been ignored, and the PLA has begun to prepare for them and launch cruise missions.At a tense moment when the US aircraft carrier was flexing its military muscle in the South China Sea, the country suddenly got its comeuppance when an F-35 fighter jet crashed while trying to land on deck.It is reported that the pilot was operating in accordance with normal procedures, and no abnormal conditions were found, the crash was unexpected, for the cause of the crash, is still under further investigation.Thankfully, the pilot ejected as soon as he realized something was wrong and did survive.However, when the plane crashed, there were some injuries, including the pilot, seven people were injured.Of the seven, three suffered minor injuries and have been treated by the carrier’s medical team.Three others suffered more serious injuries and were taken to a hospital in Manila, where they have since stabilized and are not in life-threatening condition.The pilot’s condition is stable, so no one was killed this time.The crash of the F-35, however, has been hotly debated.It is not known whether the f-35 crashed into the middle of the South China Sea or on the deck of the aircraft carrier.If it fell into the South China Sea, if you want to investigate the cause of the accident, you also need to salvage the wreckage of the plane. If the damage is high, the salvage is also a not easy job.However, if it falls on the deck of the aircraft carrier, it will certainly cause some damage to the deck, and the extent of damage will determine whether the aircraft carrier will continue to carry out missions in the South China Sea or return to the port for corresponding maintenance work.All in all, this accident will cause a certain degree of loss to the US side. After all, no matter fighter jets or aircraft carriers are already of high value.Originally, five aircraft carriers from the United States and Japan appeared on China’s doorstep with dignity, hoping to show off their country’s military might to the world and put great pressure on China.However, in the end, the F-35, the country’s most famous fighter, made a big public joke, which put the United States into an embarrassing situation for a while.It is important to know that the F-35 aircraft carried by the US aircraft carrier has always been considered as a killer mace, which represents the powerful military strength of the US and is the key to the US becoming the hegemon at sea.As it turned out, the country overdid it, and now the world is focusing on it.As a matter of fact, the US aircraft carrier had a number of accidents last year, such as the transport plane on the deck of the carrier caught fire, and the carrier-borne aircraft caught fire during training. These accidents have attracted wide attention from the outside world.It can be seen that although the US military is strong, there are still a lot of accidents, indicating that there are still a lot of problems, the country should give priority to solve these problems, rather than arrogant, pointing fingers at our sovereignty issues.